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Listed below are different business types to whom we provide with our contact center solutions

Enterprise contact center

Here are some major reasons that why should your business have a personal enterprise contact center

  • You can optimize the journey of your customer across all the channels, in your enterprise contact center.
  • An enterprise contact center helps you in gaining higher operational efficiency
  • Contact center modernization


Features that your enterprise needs are

  1. Omnichannel reporting
  2. Integrations with customer relationship management
  3. An intelligent IVR system
  4. Automation of rules
  5. Omni routing
  6. Email facilities to your customers
  7. Control your voice settings in order to make the most of each and every call
  8. Different types of chat messengers such as in-app chat, web chat, etc.
  9. Smart contact center solutions for diversifying customer interactions.
  10. Video chat support system in order to deliver differentiated customer service.
  11. A single view of customers.


Mobile call center

It  is basically, enterprise call center now available on a mobile phone


  1. No infrastructure is needed for the agent

A smartphone with a good internet connection is all you need

  1. Enterprise-grade features

Your business will run as usual only. You will have access to complete call center functions accompanied with high call quality as well.

  1. Ease of use

A mobile call center will act as a complete call center suite.

  1. Comprehensive Remote monitoring
  2. Enterprise-ready security

You can now prevent customer data breaches as no data will ever be stored on the device of the agent.

  1. Monitoring of the infrastructure

You can now easily keep a check on the healths of the devices that are being used by the agent.


Remote call center

If in any case, you are planning to have a better relationship with your customer, build a remote call center first!

  • We provide you with great flexibility
  • We let you exercise control and power
  • We are reliable and secure i.e, you can trust us with your data
  • We provide you with comprehensive reports
  • We practice seamless integration
  • We are experts in customer engagement i.e, we provide our customers with the best of engagement solutions
  • Last but not the least, we are trusted by brands located worldwide. In short, we are trusted globally.

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There square measure four key outcomes once businesses reach bent on customers on their mobile phones

  1.   Immediate attention from the client.
  2.  Improve decision potency while conjointly increasing response rates and driving client satisfaction.
  3. Brand recognition.
  4. Easily manage your business numbers and examine distinctive insights into career patterns to find the health of your brand’s career campaigns.


Multiple IVR / cloud contact center

A cloud contact center answer is hosted over the net that takes minimum time to deploy and involves stripped-down direct capital. Businesses use cloud contact center software system for flexibility and to scale back hardware setup overheads, IT management and to make sure uninterrupted client service through a spread of voice and digital channels.


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