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Here are some business-type solutions that our contact center offers.

1. Enterprise

a. Flexibility and management
Call4Web understands that your business is exclusive so will its needs. It enables you to outline your business-specific configurations, produce your own rules, set up your dashboards and reports, manage your business prompts, and heaps a lot of.

b. Reliable and Secure
Call4Web is PCI DSS compliant with certified public cloud environments across Asian nations, APAC, Africa, & ME. additionally to being PCI DSS compliant, Call4Web is additionally ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certified.

We follow a close development, delivery, certification, and implementation method together with end-to-end internal testing, periodic VAPT certification with associate degree freelance IT Security Agency and adherence to CVSS.

c. Comprehensive coverage
Call4Web Fusion 110 is backed-up with AI-based sentiment analysis that permits your agents to deliver personalized client expertise. It enables you to analyze your customers’ emotions and motor vehicle range the tickets to make sure faster resolution of a lot of vital and pressing tickets.

d. Seamless Integrations
Call4Web permits you to integrate your hand’s management system, lead management system, in-house CRM, or other third-party systems with its comprehensive omnichannel ticketing system.

e. Customer Engagement experience
Call4Web has been providing client engagement solutions for the last 17+ years to assist consumer-facing brands contour and improve their client engagement across varied channels – voice, email, chat, social media, video chat, and electronic communication.

f. Trusted by International Brands
Call4Web has been sure by two,000+ brands across 60+ countries. It includes brands across the total world. in addition, Call4Web provides 24/7 native support through its regional partners.

2. Startup

a. What’s app specially made for business purposes
We provide you with solutions that make your interactions easy and meaningful with your customers by providing you with tools that help you in generating automatic as well as quick replies to the questions and problems of your customers so that you can seamlessly manage the customer’s issues along will end to end encryptions that is will full privacy.

b. Google’s messages for business
Our google business messaging feature genuinely helps you in creating a positive brand image and getting an edge over your business competitors by improving your customer experience and reducing your costs in turn.

c. AI voice bot
You can seamlessly perform two-way interactions by making use of our AI-enabled conversational voice bot feature. The entire automatic conversation that you make with your customer is personalized as well as human-like. In other words, it is nothing but the future of customer service.

d. Drishti cloud interactive voice response
The interactive voice response that is hosted at Call4Web has many brilliant features. Our interactive voice response is very economical as well as value-driven for incoming contact centers that are hosted over the internet. They are also used for routing the calls by the customers in an efficient way, which is nothing else but a necessity for the business.

3. SMB

a. Mobile Agent center Application
Call4Web offers a straightforward to use, flexible, and intuitive mobile center application therefore your virtual agents will log in from anyplace

b. Enterprise-Grade are while the is center options
Call4Web Virtual call center provides comprehensive Enterprise center capabilities with Dialers, CTI, ACD, IVR, Unified desktop, and Omnichannel support

c. Secure Virtual Application & atmosphere
Call4Web provides a PCI DSS compliant, and ISO/IEC 27018 and ISO-27001 certified multi-layered secured virtual center atmosphere to make sure knowledge security and client privacy.

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