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The industry solutions at Call4Web consist of the following topics


1 Ed-tech

  • Here are some points listed below which will provide you a short summary about what ed-tech solution our call center offers.
  1. Easy as well as compatible set up and supervision that completely satisfies the needs of work from home situation
  2. Call4Web naturally integrates with leading customer relationship management
  3. All in one solution. Connect with your students on any channel


2 Banking

  • In banking, you safeguard people’s money but for this you need to safeguard your bank as well. Listed below are some facilities that our call center offers in order to serve banks.
  1. Remote Solutions for industry
  2. Trusted by world Leaders
  3. End-to-end Security


3 Insurance

  • Insurance is a very important part of everybody’s life in todays’ time. Read out the points that are listed below, so that you can understand the need of our call center in your insurance company
  1. End-to-end Security
  2. Work from anyplace – Remote CC Solutions
  3. Smooth Integration with Leading customer relation management Applications


4 Ecommerce

  •    Buying and selling goods over the internet is basically what e-commerce means. Understand the need of our contact center in your eCommerce business by going through our eCommerce page.
  1. Easy to set up the interface and minimal upkeep
  2. Better customer handling with integrated database
  3. Easy interface for people with minimal skills.


5 Healthcare

  • No doubt, a healthcare company also needs a contact center in today’s era. Find out how by going through our healthcare solution page.
  1. Capable of having efficient integrations
  2. Enterprise-grade security
  3. Connect with your patients through their preferred channel


6 Travel

  • We provide high-impact Travel call center solutions that assist you to meet numerous business challenges. Our custom travels BPO services square measure designed to drive quality client expertise, guarantee repeat business, improve margins and keep our purchasers previous their competitors.
  • Our custom support solutions square measure designed to satisfy your transportation call center has to the tee and assist you to improve client responsiveness and scale back operational prices.
  •  With the US as your cordial reception call center partner, you’ll be able to be assured to deliver every client AN exceptional whole expertise across all channels, as well as internet, chat, social media, email, and call.
  1. Persona-Based commercialism
  2. Engage together with your Customers
  3. Give Customers What they require
  4. Improve Contact Center Performance


7 Telecommunications

Create Winning expertise With Call4Web’s Contact Center computer code for Telecommunications

  1. Connect quicker with Omnichannel Routing
  2. Optimize higher with period of time observance
  3. Save Agents’ Time with automobile Dialer
  4. Let Customers facilitate Themselves



  1. All BPO Solutions below One Roof
  2. Performance Management and optimization
  3. Smooth Integration with CRM Applications


9 Government

  • Government and public sector establishments supply a large variety of services these days. In an attempt to stay up with the personal counterparts and grab a lot of market share, government agencies these days area unit underneath a pressure to deliver nice client service quickly and meet client expectations.
  •  They have a secure communication surrounding to guard and serve the purchasers even within times of emergency, adhering to the rules and compliance at constant time.
  1. Superior Services with a personality’s bit Builds Constituent Trust Live respondent Service
  2. interactive voice response and automatic Solutions
  3. 24/7 respondent and Dispatch
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