Missed Call Management

Companies which promote their brand, product or services with a miss call number always have higher chances of being perceived as reliable and reputed business. It’s basically used for business marketing to share coupons/notifications through text messages, has higher chances of generating good marketing ROI. Missed call numbers have often been employed by business entities but currently has been widely adopted by SMBs also to generate more revenues for their businesses.

Cost-effective mode for business communication

Professional helpline number has become a requirement for business growth in today’s competitive world. Miss call number helps businesses for easier and better mode of customer communication during a cost-efficient way.

What is a missed call service?

Whenever a call is placed on a miss call number, the call gets disconnected and therefore the data is available to you for your agents to call back on the same number, you’ll even send a trigger-based SMS to your callers as well.

What are the advantages of missed call solution?

Missed call solution is employed by businesses for marketing and also making the customer experience easier. you’ll share the OTP, discount code, customized message through SMS with the callers who call you on your missed call number.

What’s the Actual use of missed call solutions for the companies?

The actual use of missed call solutions for the companies are:

  • Marketing campaigns – Cater to a wider audience, for they will now reach you with just a missed call or Missed alert.
  • Customer feedback – With a missed call, your customers can now request a callback or just tell you they like your services.
  • Customer Details – Get customer information by having them offer you a missed call.

Significant features of missed call solutions

A missed call alert has extremely useful features:

  • It automatically disconnects very quickly after the customer calls, typically after one ring. this protects time.
  • It provides call analytics with a reporting interface where you’ll view it with ease. It provides missed call reminders to trace missed calls effectively.
  • It provides missed call alerts and missed call notifications to trace missed calls.
  • It handles multiple incoming calls at the same time.
  • It has an easy integration process with most CRM softwares.

How do companies get advantage of missed call campaigns?

  • Greater outreach for your campaign – Giving a missed call is that the most convenient thing, which suggests more people participate in your campaign.
  • More leads = More conversions – More outreach ensures more leads, which cause greater conversions.
  • Keep in touch – When an individual participates in your campaign, you’ll send them a customized message and direct them to your website, ensuring they stick with you.