Multilevel IVR

Business communication plays a significant role to maintain consistent growth and development of the organizations. In order to get consistent growth, it needs to be upgraded and updated with latest technologies and advanced systems over a certain span of time. Interactive voice response (IVR) is the key solution which helps to enrich the quality of customer interaction process in a magnificent way.

Call4web offers the most advanced IVR systems that can store recorded messages as menu options for callers. These systems are primarily integrated with Hosted technology and cloud-based systems.

Key Features of Call4web Advanced IVR Solutions

  • Multiple calling channel support
  • Call screening and call switching
  • Enhanced data storage and retrieval
  • Multi-language support
  • Text-to-speech and speech recognition
  • Personalized message recordings
  • Caller identification and number detection
  • Call transfer to other extensions

Upgrading your business communication system with IVR solutions will certainly provide great benefits to your company. Without any additional expenses for hardware or equipment, these systems can easily be deployed with a significant flexibility.

Cloud Computing with Advanced IVR

We at Call4web also offer cloud based IVR systems which are more flexible to operate and hosted over cloud-based servers. With easy monitoring & enhanced data security services, these systems can bring more stability in the communication of organization. Integrating business telephony systems with cloud technology enables the strength of your communication.

With ease of access, superior connectivity & secure data management, this technology has become a game changing aspect for SMEs as well as large scale organizations. Voice and data transmission has become a reliable, cost-effective & fast way without compromising quality of the communication over IP networks.

Benefits of Call4web IVR Solutions

  • Scalability
  • Reaching more audiences through Voice Broadcasting
  • Budget-friendly Systems
  • Accessibility

With super secure remote access, these systems can be operated from anywhere around the world with secure connection. Agents can manage calling operations of the company by using simple web portal with proper authorization.

Benefits for Choosing our IVR Solutions

Call4web has over years of experience in telecom industry as we are delivering most advanced solution to call center companies worldwide. Being a leading IVR service provider, we provide following benefits for choosing our IVR solutions:

  • 24/7 maintenance & support services
  • Affordable services with superior quality
  • Provide Remote access from any location
  • Reliable & Quick deployment of services
  • High-standard hosting and monitoring services

Our main purpose is to deploy most enhanced solutions with superior quality to make our potential customers completely satisfied. So, if you are planning to integrate your business communication then you can contact us anytime, and we will provide you the most affordable and quality-oriented IVR solutions at a Reasonable cost.

Personalized Customer Experience with IVR Solutions

Today, Companies need to implement latest technological solutions in order to upgrade their communication systems for providing high-quality interaction. That’s why Call4web is offering high-standard IVR solutions for their clients’ requirements.

IVR (Interactive voice response) systems are based on automated voice generation algorithms. When customers calls, then these responses automatically start as voice recordings. Callers then make their own choice by selecting relevant options.

Significant Features of Our IVR Software

  • Auto Attendant
  • Customized recording of voice messages as menu options
  • Call switching
  • Multiple channel support for calling
  • Call screening
  • Text-to-speech
  • High-quality voice recording through calls
  • Voice recognition for agents
  • Efficient storage and management of customers’ data
  • Compatible with multiple languages
  • Flexible transfers of calls

Cloud Integration with IVR Solutions

Our IVR systems are also compatible with cloud-based features. Today, Cloud has become a game-changing technology for most of the enterprises across the globe. It offers secure & flexible online storage management with core features. Our cloud-based IVR solutions provide added advantage to your business communication assets.

The main purpose of our IVR systems is to upgrade the customer experience through high-quality interactions. Cloud-based features in these systems helps to maintain the consistency in the super quality communication.