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Android apps development, the gateway of turning your idea into reality goes through the Call4Web.

There would hardly be anyone in the world right now who has not used or at least heard of the term smartphone. It is still unfathomable to imagine that smartphones were still in infancy just a decade ago, and their OS – cluttered, messy, and limited service provider. Sure, they look cool and fun to use, but the wider of these OS, especially the android OS, would not be something we see for at least a couple more years.

Now the scenario is entirely different as these OS, and more specifically android OS is the core of several smart devices that power our home and offices today. Such is the extent of their use that it is quite unimaginable today for one to give up these android OS-powered devices at any cost.

But while these are all excellent points, why should a business owner care to invest in android and, more specifically, in android apps development?

Why your company might need android apps development services?

It is a valid question to ask. Even with such a rapid application and integration of android OS in various smart devices, why does a business need to invest in Android app development services when a website is a sufficient gateway for customers (both potential and existing) to interact with the business in question. The answer to that is simple; a website would never be able to provide that seamless interaction that customers demand in the present time. Take a simple example of Amazon – if you are a frequent shopper from Amazon, do you use the Amazon website or the app? You have the answer to your question.

Comprehensive android apps development solutions with Call4Web

Call4Web caters to all your android app development needs all in one place.

Custom Android Apps development services

With our highly experienced and professional android developers, who are adept at handling a diverse set of business requirements, we promise our users custom-developed Android apps as soon as possible. These android apps are developed implicitly, keeping the customer set parameters in mind.

UI/ UX Design

An alluring design is half the battle won in the Android app development process, and our android app developers understand this clearly. We make diligent use of the functionality and skillfulness of the platform to develop android apps that one could help themselves but get addicted to.

Web-based apps for android

Web-based apps are the need of the hour, especially for low-end smartphones with limited storage capability and performance limitations. We provide easy to install and maintain, highly secured android web-based applications to our clients. With our flexible and innovative web-based application, one can easily expand their business reach without worrying about the device used by customers.

Android app porting 

A comprehensive android app development service that focuses on building an effective presence of your brand on various android powered devices, no matter their size and capability.

App testing

If you already have a developed android app and are in need of a performance check, then you can utilize our android app testing service, where our team of highly qualified inspectors ensures that your android app is bug-free and run without any trouble – simply be market-ready.

App consultation

A consultation service where our developers are readily available to lend an ear to your idea and provide expert guidance on what you can do to kickstart your android app development process or improve on an already existing android application.

Call4Web – the one-stop-shop for your every android app development needs

Call4Web is a leading android apps development solutions provider. We are committed to providing our clients with nothing less than 100 percent satisfactory solutions developed according to their requirements. Our android developers are experts and highly proficient in building a high-performance app, no matter what industry the product is designed for.

Reliable and highly skilled developers

We have hired the industry’s leading android app developers to provide the finest solutions to our clients, no matter their requirements.

Robust architecture

Our developers are cognizant of the fact that android OS and apps based on it are constantly bombarded with hacking attempts, with both nefarious and mischievous purposes. That is why we have a robust architecture in place that seals our developed android app with strong security layers that will deter any attempt on the android application.

Complete transparency

We understand that clients, who have worked tremendously hard to develop their business, want to be a part of the android app developing process. That is why we communicate with our clients on a daily as well as on a weekly basis to make them aware of the progress in the development process and bounce back any ideas our developer team has about the app.

Flexible hiring models

We offer flexible hiring models to our clients if they are more comfortable hiring android app developers on an hourly or daily basis. Providing our customers with satisfactory solutions is of paramount importance to us at Call4Web.

Play Store deployment

Worried about the application submission procedure? Our team tackles this rigorous procedure with efficacy to ensure that nothing is amiss, and our client gets hassle-free and quick approval from Google Play Store.

Technical Assistance

Our expert developers are readily available to provide our clients with any technical support they may require round the clock.

Our Android app development process

We have an agile android app development procedure in place that has provided our clients with highly satisfactory solutions.


First and foremost, our expert team analyzes our client’s requirement carefully and set up video conference calls to discuss the idea behind the projects and the parameters that have to be taken into consideration.

Prototype development

Naturally, the next step in the process is to develop a mockup model that cannot only give an android app-like feel but be the building block of our development procedure.

Coding & Testing

Front-end and back-end development are done, and our team ensures that the developed app is bug-free.

Deployment testing

A final testing step where the app is released to a limited observed audience to notice its real-world working.


And lastly, we deliver the final product to our customers.

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