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Auto Dialer Software

Boost the outbound productivity and reduce the downtime, allowing agents to connect with more target audience per hour with Call4web Auto dialer software.

What is an Auto dialer software?

An auto dialer software allows the business to dial out a large number of contacts. It dials out a vast number of contacts from the list, and if the call is responded from the customer’s end, it is directed to the live agent. This not only saves significant time for the agents from the marketing and sales team but also increases the productivity and efficiency of the whole process. This filters out the non-interested band of audience from the calling list and also cuts the agent talk time, allowing them to be connected to a more significant number of the target audience in a single day.

Call4web auto dialer software is widely used to provide unbeatable contact center service to a large number of businesses, such as real estate, financial service providers, debt collection, political marketing, educational institutions, weather forecasting, insurance sector, teleshopping, e-commerce, and many more. This not only allows the agent to be able to contact a huge number of the target audience in a significant amount of time but also boost call conversation and scale outbound call center operations.

Auto dialer software features


Auto call answer

With auto call answer, the customers don’t have to wait or listen to the caller tone as it will automatically receive the dialer’s call.

Dial time restriction

With a global audience, dial time restriction comes in handy as you can customize the calls at a specific location with a different time zone.

Dial order

With dial order, you will be ensured that the auto dialer dials all the numbers which are mapped with the contact to increase the dial coverage of your business.

Auto dial list upload

Call4web auto dial list update feature allows you to integrate with CRM or any other third-party system and auto-upload dialing list from there.

Dialer notification

Notification pop-up with low contact in dialing list or case of PRI or SIP failure.

Answer machine detection

To minimize the call drop, AMD ensures that the call to an answering machine is skipped and only the responded calls connect to the live agents.

Automated pre-recorded voice

Call4web software allows you to send an automated pre-recorded voice message to your complete contact list to easily reach a wider band of the target audience in less time.

Multi-filter auto dialing

You can combine multiple filters such as customer type, call duration, last retry time, etc., to create an effective auto dialing strategy.

Dialing based on last retry time

You can filter prospects based on the last retry time, for example, dialing the contact with an earlier retry time first and later ones after.

Dialing based on number of call attempts

Dial the contact with the most dialed number later, while the contacts on the dial list with lesser dials or no dials will be dialed first.

Step-wise guide to how Call4web auto dialer works for your business

Here’s how the Call4web auto dialer software improves your business’s contact center operation.

Step 1

Uploading contact list

Easy automatic segmentation of the customer contact data and uploading to different dialing lists.

Step 2

Managing the dialing list

Manage the dialing list using multi-filter auto dialing on the different basis such as priority clients, potential leads, etc.

Step 3

Deciding the dialing algorithm

Define your dialing strategy with a more relevant dialing algorithm and decide the most effective way for your auto-dialer to make outbound calls.

Step 4

Post call management

Depending on the call’s outcome, segregate the leads from the dialing list for effective handling in the future.

Give your agents the power to create more leads.

Maximize the output and operational efficiency with every outgoing call without wasting the valuable time of the agents with Call4web auto dialer software.

Help in making a better conversation with preview dialer

Allow your agents to be well-informed before starting the conversation with the customers on a call with a preview dialer. A preview dialer is a highly useful with a band of the audience who are interested in your product and more than likely to buy them. This allows the agent to see the next contact number in the list and prepare themselves beforehand with relative data to offer a personalized experience to the client and convert more calls into leads.

Enhance the productivity with progressive dialer

Call4web progressive dialer makes the call only when a live agent is available to take them if the call is responded from the customer’s end. This reduces the chance of call drop and, most importantly, eliminates the chance of keeping the customer waiting in silence for long. If you don’t want your business to be presented to the target audience as just any other business, then you need to get your hands on an error-free contact center solution for outgoing calls with a progressive dialer.

Reducing the idle time between calls with predictive dialer

Not every outgoing call gets responded from the receiver’s end, and a predictive dialer comes in handy where there is a need to make a huge number of calls every day as it detects the busy signal, unanswered call, or answering machine, thus reducing the idle time between the two calls, saving a significant amount of the agent’s time, which can be then utilized to make more calls and connect to a wider target audience in a single day. Predictive dialer is an essential element of businesses that involves teleshopping, telemarketing, and other e-commerce platforms.

Offer a personalized experience to your customers with PACE.

Call4web Pro-Active Connect Enhancer or PACE allows the agents to offer a personalized experience to the customers as it categorizes every call on the basis of time duration, past behavior, etc. and also gives the best time slots to call them, minimizing the probability of call drops and help in achieving higher productivity with an intelligent lead selection. When the agents are equipped with the advanced auto call dialer Pro-Active Connect Enhancer, they will be able to generate more leads with minimum call talk time.

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