Automatic Call Distributor

The simplest way to explain Automatic Call Distributor is as a telephony software that not only receives the call in the system but also routes to the best available agent for resolution. This is done by predefining route rules, which helps the system understand which route to take in case they receive so and so query. 

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What exactly is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)?

This predefined rule-based routing is essential in the Automatic Call Distributor system. It is the key to how the software handles and manages hundreds of calls it might receive at any given moment. With the help of some predefined rules, the Automatic Call Distributor System streamlines the contact center management communication, which not only avoids some of the more common mistakes made by a contact center, like putting a potential or existing customer on hold for too long, but it also ensures the call system does not get overload, and the calls are easily routed to the appropriate connection according to the caller’s requirement.


But that is not all that Automatic Call Distributor System does, as it also makes sure that the agents’ productivity and the productivity of the contact center team goes through the roof, making a significant impact not just in the customer’s experience with the business, but in the growth of the business as well. And if you are looking for a bespoke Automatic Call Distributor System to manage your contact center needs, then you could not find a better companion for your needs than Call4Web – a leading contact center solutions provider.

Significant Improvement in Team’s efficiency

One of the major benefits of utilizing the Call4Web Automatic Call Distributor System can be seen as a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the agents and the contact center as a whole.
With the automatic routing feature of the ACD, there is simply no room for agents routed the calls that are not in their department due to the algorithm and the predefined rules that have been configured in the system.

Immediate response

Deliver personalized customer experience based on customer’s preferences, past interactions, and IVR selections.
Since this software makes use of the inputs by the callers themselves, the system can immediately route their calls to the agents who have been assigned to handle queries similar to the caller, and to top it all off, this process is immediate ensuring for a quick response from the contact center’s side.

Flawless Routing

Route the calls flawlessly from one campaign to another with the complete context using defined campaign level routing rules.
The beauty of the Automatic Call Distributor System is not just limited to routing the caller to the appropriate agents, but it also allows the agent handling the call to physically route the call to another agent, if required, seamlessly.

Resource optimization

This will further reduce the average handling time as each agent will use their skills to resolve queries they are trained for.
This software allows an organization to make the most of their agents’ ability by playing to their strengths and assigning them to the department they are most comfortable in. This way, agents can actually use their expertise on the subject to sort out the customers’ queries rather than delving into problems outside their scope.

Reducing operating costs

 The customer can get his query resolved without transferring him to other agents or departments.
Because Automatic Call Distributor allows the contact center to handle more calls per agent with a high-resolution rate without transferring the call to another agent or supervisor, it reduces the center-call-per-cost and the operating cost of the contact center.

Features of Automatic Call Distributor System

Automatic Call Distributor allows the supervisor to not only listen in to the calls routed to their team and agents, but they can do the performance analysis because of the comprehensive data collection & reporting feature of the system allowing the supervisor to do a performance review on metrics like average handling time, etc., on a later time.
Call Monitoring & Reporting

Call4Web Automatic Call Distributor system also announces to the caller the queue number and the expected waiting time for them to connect with an agent.
Queue Position Announcement

Remote working has become a norm now, and Automatic Call Distributor takes cognizance of the fact and with the use DNIS, which automatically detects the caller’s approximate location, routes the call to the agent or contact center closest to the caller’s location.
Connect via Multiple locations

Using the predefined parameters and regulations, the Automatic Call Distributor automatically routed the call to the assigned agent to solve the caller’s query.
How does Automatics Call Distributor System actually work?

Various types of Automatic Call Distributor System

Few software features in contact center management software solutions are as critical as an Automatic Call Distributor System. The purpose of the Automatic Call Distributor is to ensure that no customer is left hanging on the phone by routing calls to the best-suited agents automatically, without the need for any manual input, which is quite beneficial in the current market where customers want immediate resolution without any delay.

Flexible Call Routing Algorithms

A flexible Automatic Call Distributor System allows the owner to determine how they want to make use of the software and set their parameters using CRM data, IVR selection, business hours, etc., anytime they want.

Persona-based Routing

This Automatic Call Distributor System has the ability to prioritize certain callers and ensure that not only their waiting time is lower, but they also get immediately connected with the first available agent at the contact center.

Emergency Call Routing

In case of emergencies, this Automatic Call Distributor system immediately routes the call to an available agent without any delay.

Behavioral-based Routing

This software takes into account the recent transactions or behavior of the caller and plays them a different IVR and route them to a different queue for their requirements.

Preferred Agent Routing

This software takes the customer’s preference with a specific agent into account and routes their call to that agent’s workstation. If the agent is unavailable, they can easily call again or wait on hold, and they will be attended to as soon as their preferred agent is available.

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