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Modern problems require modern solutions, and that is why you need to get on the track of innovation and opt for contact center solution software with a wide range of features that can not only handle the operational requirement but can actively be involved in the growth of your business. It is the time for comprehensive contact center solution software, which is simply essential for any business that not only wants to compete in the ever-growing and challenging market but wants to stay relevant in the coming years. So, what say you? Are you ready to take your business to heights unimaginable before? Then Call4Web Call Center Contact Center solution Software is the way to go.


Inbound, Outbound and Blended solutions at your fingertips


With Call4Web Call Center Management Software solutions, you can handle your inbound, outbound, and blended call center processes with ease.


IVR (Interaction Voice Response)


Our advanced call center management software solutions come with IVR systems that can easily evaluate human voice as well as tones directly from the dial pad, allowing the user to make most of the interface and route to the right agents according to their requirements and preferences.


ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)


It is essential that the caller is able to connect with the right agent, but it is also crucial that this process happens seamlessly and automatically. Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) telephony system ensures that this process happens without any lag.


Auto Dialer


Auto Dialer or power dialer as it is often called, which as the name suggests automatically dials a customer phone number, and once the call is connected, transfers the call to the agent waiting.


Preview Dialer


Allowing the agents to manage their call list as well as present leads. Informing the agent of the relevant information regarding the customer before launching the call, which leads to a more personalized experience for the customers on the other end of the call.


Progressive Dialer


Progressive Dialer is an upgrade on the preview dialer as it automatically manages your agents’ call list and automatically calls the customer when even a single agent is present to attend the call, ensuring maximum productivity and no dead air when customers pick up the call made by the system.


Predictive dialer


With this feature, our software solution predicts the customer connect rate and agent availability and, after a thorough analysis using a sophisticated algorithm, makes multiple calls in parallel per agent. This is done to maximize the productivity of the agents with an aim to call as many possible customers as possible in the allotted time.


Caller ID


Allowing agents to get info about the customers, like contact details, before they even get on the call. Caller ID plays a crucial role in routing the calls to appropriate agents – especially crucial when they have specific accounts or departments assigned to them.


Call queueing


This feature allows the contact center solution software  to place the call of a customer on indefinite hold when all agents are busy attending to other customers. But that is not all; if the queue time is too long, a queue calls back is offered to the caller allowing the call center team to reach out to the caller at an appropriate time.


Omnichannel routing


A call center solution software is now not just limited to the incoming and outgoing calls but also email, chat, text, and interactions through social media platforms.



CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)


Because of CTI, an agent can easily connect with the customer directly via their computer system. The purpose of CTI is to allow agents to perform call-related tasks directly through their computer system, allowing them to deliver any relevant by simply popping a window to find the answer they need to handle the customers’ query.


Seamlessly integrate Call4Web Call Center solution Software  with some of the leading CRM integrators connectors and helpdesk applications for a hassle-free process.


  • Zoho: By integrating Zoho with Call4Web, you can ensure seamless customer interaction management.


  • Sugar CRM: Exponentially improves the agent’s productivity, streamlines the outbound calls as well as automates the workflow of the team.


  • MSD CIF: Allows the user to fully utilize the CRM capabilities offered by powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365.


  • Lead Squared: Beneficial in capturing and managing the leads all in one place.


  • Zohodesk: Make the contact center’s operation seamless by integrating Zohodesk with our call center management software solution.


  • Freshsales: Allowing the agents to deliver personalized services to customers with Freshsales integration.






Quality Monitoring


Call Monitoring


This allows one to supervise the agents’ calls on the system, including listening in on the calls or even recording calls for future analysis. These insights can help the management make an informed decision regarding their procedure.


Call Scoring


Evaluate the agent’s performance and generate the report in real time and save them on the dashboard for future review. Set quality parameters that will be extremely helpful in not only analyzing the current performances but comparing them to the previously generated reports as well.


Self Monitoring


A useful feature that allows the agents to analyze their own performances, including their average handling time, number of leads converted, calls attended, and other similar parameters. Self-evaluation can be extremely helpful in improving the agent’s efficiency and the team as a whole.



Reports and dashboard


Historical reporting


A tool to gather in-depth data that will help them with a detailed analysis regarding the productivity of an agent or even a team’s performance review over a set period.


WFO (Workforce Optimization Tool)


The Workforce Optimization Tool for WFO gathers and evaluates the necessary data concerning the agent and the team’s productivity. From covering the functional aspects of a call center – quality management and workforce management, WFO does all and more.


Bird’s Eye View


Extremely beneficial in allowing the supervisor to not only analyze the data collected by the application but also to customize operation metrics as well and consume data with visual representation to get a clearer picture of the performance of the campaign, which is necessary to improve the efficiency.


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