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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an IP-PBX solution?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an IP-PBX solution?

Our previous posts were related to the explanation and origin of IP-PBX, but this one will properly explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of an IP-PBX system

  • Benefits of IP PBX systems

Adopting Associate in Nursing IP PBX in your business will go together with some perks. Here square measure some reasons why it is a wise investment.

  1. Lower communication prices – Internet-connected PBXs will give a lot of higher cost-savings than their analog predecessors. VoIP suppliers like Nextiva provide each metered and unmetered trunking service.
  2. Cloud-based dependability – Connect your existing PBX to the tested dependability of the cloud. A reliable VoIP service can have multiple knowledge centers for dependable performance. notwithstanding your PBX goes down, they will route calls elsewhere.
  3. Keeps existing hardware – you’ll keep everybody productive and keep your hardware prices low by victimization equivalent hardware that is already hooked up to your PBX. the sole factor you wish is your SIP address, password, and domain, and you are set.
  4. Minimal modification – modification is daunting to several businesses. Look to SIP trunking as an entranceway to experiencing the worth of a VoIP communication system. As your company grows, you’ll proportion the number of voice channels with a stripped-down configuration.


  • Suppose you or your IT workers square measure already at home with PBX phone systems. therein case, Associate in Nursing IP PBX can be a wise stop-gap answer. to boot, SIP trunks square measure location-agnostic, therefore you’ll get on your feet and running in record time if you progress offices.


  • Limitations of IP PBX systems

Not each company is well-positioned to use Associate in Nursing IP PBX. Here square measure some drawbacks you wish to consider before you create the switch.

  1. Technical skillset – Managing Associate in Nursing on-premises PBX is not for the faint of heart. Systems directors ought to be snug putting in and configuring operative system} operating systems. expertise with FreePBX or Asterisk ASCII text file software system may be a should.
  2. Unable to figure remotely – Even with IP property, most on-the-spot PBX phone systems cannot support acting from home. In 2021, this capability may be a must-have for remote staff. This practicality is as simple as downloading the Associate in the Nursing app to your robot or iPhone and linguistic communicati in.
  3. Limited quantifiability – Associate in Nursing IP PBX is simply as ascendable as you have got users to answer phone calls. As your team expands on the far side of what your PBX will handle, you may face challenges on the means, like busy signals.
  4. Fewer options -Traditional workplace phone systems lack the options seen in a very Unified Communications (UCaaS) platform. Video conferencing, softphones for mobile devices, and instant electronic messaging square measure separate. Most little businesses do not have the additional time and resources to assemble this one by one.


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