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Cloud Contact Center Solution

Call4Web is a leading best cloud contact center service provider and has been providing 100 per cent customer satisfactory solutions to its customers. A cloud based contact center is the focal point of any business that is hosted on an internet server and is responsible for all the inbound and outbound communication the business in question handles. This cloud based contact center interacts through voice messages, email to social media and the world wide web. So, it is not a stretch to say that they are the ‘ground zero’ when it comes to the interaction between a company and the outside world.

Cloud solution for contact center is vital for businesses in modern times as more and more customers depend on social media platforms to interact with them. Where the customers are, that is where the businesses have to be – that is Business 101, and that is why it has become imperative for a business to modernize their best contact center to a start-of-the-art modern structure with Call4Web that can handle the need and demand of the present-day consumers.

cloud contact center
cloud contact center

Why Call4Web is the way to go?

When it comes to cloud based contact center solutions, one could not find a better companion for their needs than Call4Web – the premier service provider to businesses looking to modernize their antiquated communication handling systems. With Call4Web, you can easily modernize your facility with a state-of-the-art facility that would not only give you and your business a competitive edge over your competitors but would also be the envy of many.

With Call4Web, you will –

  • Reduce the cost of operating your existing communication center and significantly improve your Return-On-Investment, which is vital for a successful business operation.
  • A highly improved customer experience, which is another factor that is essential for a successful business endeavor. With a better customer experience, you will exponentially increase your chances of getting a sale and also boost your customer retention ratio.
  • Empower your employees
  • Have a considerable impact in optimizing agent efficiency
  • Significantly improve the flexibility and scalability of your working model

Difference between cloud contact center and cloud call center

Now you might be wondering what exactly is the difference, aren’t they the same thing? No, they are not. It is a common mistake made by many in the industry as they consider both the same when they are anything but. Yes, there are similarities as they are data collection points, but one should never consider them one and the same.

The primary purpose of the cloud based call center is to handle heavy volumes of phone calls, both inbound as well as outbounds – it is as simple as that. The agents in these systems interact with customers on the call in real-time. The difference between a cloud contact center and a traditional call center is its scalability and the ability of agents to work remotely – even from the comforts of their homes.

Cloud contact centers are somewhat similar as they manage the company’s inquiries on traditional and digital platforms. But the main differences here are that first, this service is not just limited to cellular interactions, and second, it is not time-specific, as the interactions here does not have to be in real-time. An agent can easily access the data stored in the server a week ago, reply online and even initiate an outbound call at their convenience.

It is clear from the definitions mentioned that the contact center has significantly expanded on its role from fielding simple customer enquiries to a more sales-driven approach.

Benefits of Cloud contact center

Call4Web offers a comprehensive cloud contact center solution to customers, and that too at highly affordable prices.

Here are some of the benefits one can avail themselves of by choosing our offered solution as their preference.

Lower setup and ongoing costs

Being frugal is a success mantra for any business, and that is why we offer cloud contact center solutions that are affordable to set up, and their ongoing costs would be on the lower side as well. Studies have shown that businesses stand up to save nearly 65 per cent of their operational cost when they switch. The reasons for these are simple as there would be a massive decrease in operating expenses..

Go remote

Going remote is inevitable in future, and we can see the wheels turning in motion already. Twitter has already announced that its employees can now work from home if they want, and other companies will soon follow suit. It is highly advisable for businesses to take the lead in this and build infrastructure that can handle remote working possibilities and for that cloud contact center is the way to go. Now employees do not have to go to their office for work; the office would come to their homes.

Rapid installation and setup

Speed, every business wants speed in their organization, and the cloud contact center takes this account as well. The installation of this setup does not take to take as there is typically no hardware in the procedure. The installation of this setup is not a matter of weeks but of minutes; similarly, it takes only a couple of minutes for one to customize it and onboard employees instantly.

Superior performance

As if it needs any saying. Cloud contact center massively outperforms any traditional communication handling system and can be the backbone for the success of a business for years to come. No matter how many interact this system has to handle, it can do that diligently, unlike traditional communication handling systems.

Improve agents’ productivity

With the system funneling the communication to the proper channel without any lag, a business will see a massive improvement in their agent’s productivity. Not only would they be able to access the required info at a moment notice, but there would not be any room for lackluster performance and behavior anymore.

Reach out to us right away!

Cloud contact center solutions are a gamechanger, and any business cannot afford to lose out on them, especially if they want to stay relevant in the coming years. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us right away; our customer support executives are readily available to handle your queries!

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