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Call4web is a brand which is trusted by all our clients. Call4web is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company established on 1st January 2019.


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Head Office : Plot no.29,Molshree Residency 3rd Floor Flat No. 303 Mission Compound, Ajmer Road , Jaipur – 302006 (India)


Frequently Asked Questions

What features are required in an enterprise call center solution?

An Enterprise call center solution needs to be secure, robust & have disaster management or business continuity systems in place. Few important features are as below:
1-ACD / smart routing capabilities
2-Auto Dialer to increase call coverage
3-Dynamic IVR – Flexible IVR prompts
4-Deep Integration Capabilities for third party Enterprise Systems
5-Call Center Logs-recording, notes, timestamps
6-Single view of Customer
7-Unified Agent Desktop
8-Detailed Supervisor reports & Agent monitoring- Even remote
9-Work From Home Ready Solutions
10-Hot & Cold Redundancy

How to use call center solutions for the best call routing?

Businesses configure routing rules in a manner that helps them achieve a high first call resolution rate. Call4Web helps you with different routing algorithms like skill-based routing, preferred agent routing, persona-based routing, routing on the basis of historical transactions/conversations, etc. We not only help with effective routing but also provide a real-time Call campaign/queue monitoring dashboard which helps a call center supervisor to take real-time re allocation or redistribution of Calls and agents.

How call center solution can enhance the process of customer service?

Effective inbound call routing, intelligent outbound dialers to determine the best time to call while skipping answering machines, unified desktop with all the customer data to help agents have meaningful conversations are some of the ways in which a call center solution can help improve the customer service process of an organization.

How businesses can benefits with Call Center Solution?

There are a number of benefits of a call centre solution such as:

  • Automate your outbound calling with dialer software to reduce agent effort and increase call connects
  • Increase FCR by routing your incoming calls to the right agent based on pre-defined rules
  • Monitor agent performance with the help of live dashboards and call center reports
  • Improve customer satisfaction to ensure customer loyalty

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