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Customer Evaluation

With customer evaluation services, empower your agents to determine consumer emotions and deliver a more personalized experience. This can help organizations and start-ups prioritize critical issues and important queries while reducing customer irate and provide a better customer experience.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand and study customers’ current emotional state by analyzing their interactions through various passive communication channels like email and chat transcripts with the help of customer evaluation services. With the sentimental analysis feature, organizations can understand the customer’s mood by determining those instances where a customer felt angry or dissatisfied based on various text conversations. This will help agents to perform better and deliver a more personalized customer experience. The customer evaluation feature can help the agent respond quickly and prioritize the important customer. They can also redirect the ticket of an angry customer to a more skilled agent.

Customer Positivity Index

Leverage the overall customer experience at the customer support desk through Call4web’s customer evaluation feature. It helps in understanding the customer’s overall perception of your business and improve the customer experience to a great extent. With the help of text expressions of the customer and the SLAs of previous tickets, Call4web’s customer evaluation helps to understand how the customer was serviced to date and what all changes are required to provide a better customer experience. Not only does it help in improving the customer experience, but it allows agents to interact better with every customer. With the customer evaluation feature, agents can ask and study the feedback from the customer to identify the loopholes in the service and work on them.

Heat Map

With Call4web smart customer evaluation feature, now make answering calls for the agent easier. With just one icon, now it is easy to understand the criticality of support tickets. Heat map helps analyze various factors such as the priority, status, and SLA of the ticket, number of unanswered messages, and the customer’s emotional state to help the agents identify and prioritize the tickets that need to be addressed first. Not only does it help to understand customer mind in a better way, but it also offers faster ticket resolution by helping agents to identify and prioritize important tickets first. The heat map makes the job easier by assigning a specific color code to visually highlight urgent tickets and the rest with different color codes.

Social Shout Index

Checking what your customers have to say about your brand, product, or services on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook helps to improve customer services. With customer evaluation’s social shout index capabilities, organizations can keep a record of the brand’s social identity to avoid escalations. Running a business can be a daunting task, and negative comments and reviews can deaccelerate the growth of your business. But with the help of the Call4web customer evaluation feature, now agents can easily understand the customers and their minds to provide a better contact center experience. Call4web Customer evaluation’s social shout index services can help organizations to identify and avoid any negative experiences promptly to boost growth and sales. A single negative comment about the brand on social media can convert into public opinion. But with Call4web customer evaluation services, now companies can actively track customers’ comments on social media platforms and offer support in real-time.

AI-Driven customer evaluation

Advanced customer evaluation combined with various internet monitoring tools can help organizations protect their brand, analyze their customer’s opinions, work on providing better services, and connect them with a larger base of their potential customers.


Better review understanding with real-time reports


Check how well your services and products are performing with real-time reports. Get automated reports on how customers are reviewing the services and products on various social media platforms with customer evaluation features.


Keep a check on chat messages.


Avoid higher churn rates and get faster customer recovery with a proper analysis of chat message data with a customer evaluation feature. Understand various needs of the customer to provide a better experience.


Provide better customer service


Examine various emotions in customer service emails with the help of the customer evaluation feature. See what the customer wants and implement strategies to improve the personalized experience.


How can Call4web’s customer evaluation feature help your business? 


With Call4web customer evaluation, organizations can monitor your brand reputation by keeping a check on all the positive, negative, and neutral mentions about your business. Customer evaluation helps you stay alert on any issues and boost growth.


Improve the brand reputation


Any negative comments about the brand can become a public opinion very soon. But with customer evaluation, agents can easily find negative comments and convert them into positive ones by providing a better experience before it gets converted into a PR crisis.


Improve the brand performance with useful marketing insights


With the customer evaluation feature, learn and understand what your consumers are thinking about the brand and its products and services. With useful marketing insights, organizations can keep a record of what their customer needs to work on any loopholes.


How does customer evaluation work?


With Call4web’s customer evaluation feature, the organizations can collect mentions about their products or services or any other keyword from various social media platforms and categorize them into positive, negative, neutral comments. The customer evaluation feature will help the organization to check and keep a record of those mentions and measure their reach and engagement on different platforms. One can also compare their brand to the competitors for improvising strategies to boost the growth. At Call4web, thanks to our latest tools, now you can analyze sentiments and understand the word context with human-like accuracy to provide a better customer experience.


With Call4web’s smart and effective customer evaluation feature improve the Help Desk Agent Productivity. 


Unified agent desktop

Equip the agents with a single interface for all interaction channels and provide access to customer data and previous interactions to handle any customer easily.

Knowledge base software

Give the agents access to all the latest product and service information to answer customer support queries without delay.


Rule engine

On the basis of time-lapsed or event occurrence, set new business rules to take precise automated ticket actions.


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