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Call4Web’s complete call center solutions specially made for your Edtech Brand

Listed below are some reasons which will help you in deciding that why you should choose Call4Web for your educational brand

1 Easy as well as compatible set up and supervision that completely satisfies the needs of work from home situation

The omnichannel platforms at Call4Web enable customer engagement and are built according to work from anywhere situations. Our omnichannel platforms provide the brand with the flexibility of working from anywhere, everywhere, and anytime as well.  We help in enabling the brand to streamline their communication process with the students along with establishing enterprise-grade security in addition.


2 Call4Web naturally integrates with leading customer relationship management

The call center solutions for education by Call4Web are backed up by flexible in-house or third-party Customer relationship management integrations so that we can deliver you context-driven to provide can conversations with your customers and increase the conversion rate in turn as well. Our enterprise’s customer relationship management tools such as lead squared, zendesk, etc integrate with the CTI’s without any disturbance.


3 All in one solution. Connect with your students on any channel

Our omnichannel engagement platform for the customer helps you in optimizing your customer experience across the entire lifecycle of the customer. This is possible through making the use of applications like voice call, video chat, social media engagement, etc. our software for the education contact center also enables you to track the interactions that have been made in the past with the customers who are across the touchpoints in order to preserve conversations’ context.


4 Secure to the core

We at Call4Web study the product development process in a very detailed way. Not only this, but we also have an independent information technology security agency for periodic VAPT certification accompanied with end-to-end internal testing as well.


5 We are trusted by leaders

We deliver our customers with great call center solutions for their educational institutions and that is why we are trusted by leaders, not only on the national level but on the international level.


Here are some powerful CX features for the education industry


  1. Features of outbound calling
  2. Seamless transfer of bots to the agent
  3. Unified desktop for every individual agent
  4. Different omnichannel capabilities
  5. Live monitoring of data
  6. Flexible customer relation management integration
  7. Automatic routing of calls
  8. Automatic as well as Interactive voice response system
  9. Click to dial facilities to eliminate manual dialing of phone numbers.
  10. System of ticket prioritization
  11. Feature of inbound calling


Here are some reasons that how can you create a better experience for the students by providing them with improved communications.


1 Our call center can easily be set up on mobile or desktop as wel

You are now enabled to provide your contact center agents with the flexibility to log in from anywhere, everywhere, and anytime. This has become possible through a robust solution that can be easily set up in only a few hours. Agents along with the superiors now can practice the freedom of flexibly working from whichever place they want. This means that they can either work from the office or work from home as well. You can now get connected with your students and their parents as well, just by converting your smartphone into a mini call center, without making any compromises on your business’s productivity.


2 Transparent as well as real-time monitoring

With the smart analytical capabilities of our edtech call center solution, you are provided with the power of getting complete visibility into the operations of the call center and monitoring the key performing indicators as well along with the dashlets with the campaign. You can now let the supervisors keep a track of the activity that is being carried out by the agent in real-time so that they can further make well informed decisions which will be based on the call summary query resolution time, etc. Not only this, but you can also stay on top of your call center operations now, by using applications like device health monitoring dashboards.


3 Deliver faster responses by making automatic distributions

Enable your student to reach the right agent at your call center by making use of smart routing algorithms. As we know that students are now increasingly becoming tech-savvy and thus due to this, they expect quick responses from the agents. With our edtech call center solution, enable your students as well as customers to connect to the right agent at the right time across channels. Practice intelligent routing by connecting each and every call to the agent which suits it the best and in turn, let them handle the problems with their expertise.

Automatic distributions and routing will help you in reducing the possibilities of human error and thus will also lead to an increase in your first call resolution.


4 Increase your agent’s productivity with our very own edtech call center solutions

Provide your agents with the best tools with our edtech call center software, for the purpose of providing customer support so that they are able to solve the problems of the customers at a fast speed.

Also, provide them with some convenience of making their jobs easier by providing them with a single view of all the interactions done by the customer, accompanied with the details of the customer and also cross channel history along with a backed-up knowledge base so that they can properly solve the queries of their students and their parents as well.


5 Help students in helping themselves

With our edtech call center solution software, let your students and their parents make payments, retrieve all the performance reports and find all the desired as well as relevant information on the self-serve portal. Include your call center software with the base of knowledge that will help you in answering the first-level questions of the customers and the students, thus reducing the inbound call volume as well. The less you customers will have to monitor by to depend on your customer service executive, the happier they will be staying


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