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Enterprise contact center

Here are some major reasons that why should your business have a personal enterprise contact center


You can optimize the journey of your customer across all the channels, in your enterprise contact center.

Customers now aim at taking full advantage of new channels of communication and wish to interact with the businesses in such a way in which they interact in their everyday life.  When this thing starts to happen, your relationship with your customers starts getting different. Your relationship now starts taking turns towards the path of increased complexity accompanied with a need to monitor, track and respond and respond to the interactions through various channels.


An enterprise contact center helps you in gaining higher operational efficiency

It is a very tough challenge for the contact centers to maintain high productivity ratios accompanied by the efficiency of the contact center operations. In addition to it, delivering exceptional and excellent customer service at the same time is close to impossible.

With an enterprise contact center, businesses can get real-time operational as well as business data accompanied with actionable insights, in order to implement the changes whenever they take place.


Contact center modernization

One of the topmost priorities of any organisation is to break down the silos of that organisation and also remove all the limitations of legacy infrastructure, in order to stay competitive.  Having a correct enterprise contact center will help organizations in gaining a lasting foundation in order to achieve optimal customer experience and along with it, take advantage of the improved business processes.


How will Call4web’s enterprise contact center help you in Enhancing your customer experience?


Unified customer experience

  • Ensure a higher fast call resolution rate by routing your customers to the right agent.
  • Use an outbound dialer in order to increase the call connection rate and thus save your agents time through smart operations.
  • Scale exponentially and make use of various dialers to make your sales proactive.
  • Manage voice as well as multiple digital channels by making use of a single system.


Call center system integrations

  • Include workforce management systems along with different software and other legacy systems.
  • Enable your customers to reach you through their preferred omnichannel by using their extensive integration capabilities, by managing your omnichannel interactions.
  • Make use of the CTI, in your enterprise contact center, in order to make your call routing process more effective as well as efficient. Seamlessly Integrate the telephone with the business tools and other databases.
  • Enable your agents to retrieve their customer’s information by using the features like toolbar integration, screen pop, etc. this will act as an excellent start in improving the customer experience.


Reporting and analysis

  • Get clear reports with robust dashboards as they help in showing you the real-time data-bound conversations of the customers by making use of various channels.
  • Analyze the real-time information about the source of interaction, the agent that is being involved in the interaction, and the content of interaction as well.
  • Have proper reports by getting deeper insights into the operation and thus, make informed decisions.


Anytime and anywhere readiness

  • The remote call center at Call4Web allows the enterprises to overcome the infrastructure challenges of the remote information technology by providing them with a 360 degree view of all the remote systems, devices, and the environment as well.
  • We also provide our call center agents with the freedom to log in from, anywhere, everywhere, and anytime as well. Our agents along with our supervisors can log in to the system from any location, any environment (whether they are working from home or from the office as well. ), any browser, and any smart devices such as a mobile phone, a laptop, or even a tablet.


Secure as well scalable omnichannel enterprise contact center solutions built in favor of the enterprise


Enterprise Grade Outbound Dialer

We at Call4web provide you with some advanced algorithms which in turn helps you in delivering your customers with high call connect ratios and improved conversation rates as well. Make your outbound enterprise contact center operations automatic by making an addition of an autodialer in your call center operating software.

The enterprise contact center at Call4Web offers you a predictive dialer accompanied by a preview dialer and a progressive dialer as well, that you can choose accordingly as per the needs of your business.


Inbuilt connectors for leading customer relationship management

You are free to seamlessly integrate with Call4Web’s call center solutions with leading customer relationship management as well, along with Helpdesk Applications. Our connectors integrate with popular business tools which are not so common, and also offer open API for custom integrations.




Our enterprise contact center is AI-ready

Call4Web’s AI-ready enterprise contact center solutions make it easier for chatbots, voice bots, and machines as well, to integrate with the learning technology in your call center. You can now add more and more intelligence to each and every conversation by serving the customer yourself 24/7 and in turn, improving your customer satisfaction ratios.


Wide overage of all the channels

At the enterprise contact center of Call4Web, you have full right to seamlessly address all the digital as well as the voice interactions with the customers. Call4Web’s omnichannel contact center solution happily supports a huge range of channels which include voice channels, e-mail channels, live agent channels, the chat channels, also including the channels of SMS, video chat, and social channels as well.


Okayyyyyy… so the information listed above was about the enterprise contact center at Call4Web but let us now focus on your enterprise and list below the powerful as well as the important features that your enterprise needs. 


Features that your enterprise needs are

  1. Omnichannel reporting
  2. Integrations with customer relationship management
  3. An intelligent IVR system
  4. Automation of rules
  5. Omni routing
  6. Email facilities to your customers
  7. Control your voice settings in order to make the most of each and every call
  8. Different types of chat messengers such as in-app chat, web chat, etc.
  9. Smart contact center solutions for diversifying customer interactions.
  10. Video chat support system in order to deliver differentiated customer service.
  11. A single view of customers.


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