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Here are some reasons that will let you decide whether you should choose Call4Web for your healthcare call center or not…


1 Easy as well as compatible set up and supervision that completely satisfies the needs of work from home situation

The omnichannel platforms at Call4Web enable customer engagement and are built according to work from anywhere situations. Our omnichannel platforms provide the healthcare brand with the flexibility of working from anywhere, everywhere, and anytime as well.  We help in enabling the brand to streamline their communication process with their customers along with establishing enterprise-grade security in addition to it.


2 Capable of having efficient integrations

The call center solutions for healthcare by Call4Web are backed up by flexible in-house or third party Customer relationship management integrations so that we can deliver you context-driven conversations with your customers and increase the conversion rate in turn as well. Our enterprise’s customer relationship management tools such as lead squared the no, zendesk, etc integrate with the CTI’s without any disturbance.


3 All in one solution. Connect with your patients through their preferred channel

Our omnichannel engagement platform for the customer helps you in optimizing your customer experience across the entire lifecycle of the customer. This is possible through making the use of applications like voice call, video chat, social media engagement, etc. our software for the healthcare contact center also enables you to track the interactions that have been made in the past with the customers who are across the touchpoints to preserve conversations’ context.


4 Enterprise-grade security

We at Call4Web study the product development process in a very detailed way. Not only this, but we also have an independent information technology security agency for periodic VAPT certification accompanied by end-to-end internal testing as well. The data of the healthcare call center is properly secured with us.


5 Leaders across the world have faith in us 

We deliver our customers with great call center solutions for their educational institutions and that is why we are trusted by leaders, not only on the national level but on the international level.


Create an excellent experience for your patients at your healthcare center


1 Scheduling Doctor’s Appointment created simply with Omnichannel Interactions

Patients expect ease to move with doctors and book appointments on their most popular channels. Get your patients the comfort of all digital channels with aid Contact Center code.

  • Easier Appointment Booking via WhatsApp Business API: Let customers schedule an arrangement, access their reports, medical prescriptions, and acquire booking confirmations on their most popular channel
  • Provide simple Report Collection: permit the purchasers to gather their reports remotely via multiple channels like chat, email, social media, and mobile app and guarantee to send e-reports through their most popular channel
  • Drive discourse Conversations: Integrate your appointment booking system with aid contact center code. permits|this enables|this permits} the agents to access the client info in AN integrated platform and so allows you to produce discourse client service to the patients, even whereas operating remotely


2 Sending Out Reminders and Confirmations on decision

Patients look for proactive support from your agents and a timely reminder as well as appointment confirmations, reminders on follow-up conferences, recommendations on exciting offers, and a lot of will flip your patients into your loyal customers.

  • Send Alerts & Notifications: Let your customers be reminded of Associate in Nursing forthcoming appointment with event-based triggers to make sure that your customers don’t miss any consultation
  • Share Appointment Status: Once the patients have engaged a rendezvous, they expect to be told regarding the confirmation standing and pre-requisites of visiting the doctor or consulting on-line
  • Ensure client Satisfaction: Capturing customers’ feedback is very important to grasp customers’ expectations and meet their needs. as an example, once your patients order medicines in urgency, make sure that they’re delivered with the correct medicines
  • Increase decision Connects: alter {the decision|the decision}ing operations with the dialer software system for the outgoing center to extend the call property. you’ll be able to offer exciting offers to your customers for multiple research laboratory tests and update them on regular health tips about the decision


3 Get all Patients’ info in One Place

Patients expect a fast response from the contact center agents. Let your agents be proactive with UAD and address every patient’s question quicker


  • Access patient info in a very single screen: Arm your agents with fast access to patient info like their anamnesis, prescriptions to produce help at intervals unified agent desktop with none delay within the service
  • Understand customer’s sentiments: whereas wanting into their anamnesis and former interactions, you’ll be able to simply analyze their emotions and place the patients to avoid any escalations
  • Get hold of information Base: you’ll be able to answer all of your customer’s queries quickly in period with an efficient knowledge domain. this enables quicker redressal of any question with the correct answer


4 Efficient reportage & observation

With the reportage and observation tools, you’ll be able to simply check the flow of every campaign and keep track of all patient-related info through applied mathematics analysis.


  • Stay on high {of every|of every} campaign’s productivity: Analyze the potency of every agent and monitor the thresholds like SLA breach in each campaign. make sure that all patients’ needs area unit consummated in a very timely manner
  • Schedule a periodic report: Get a timely report for various metrics like analyzing the effectiveness of every channel. With social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter turning into the primary selection of the many patients, you’ll be able to opt to solve first-level queries with ease


5 Personalize Patient expertise

Each patient contains a distinctive demand then is their journey to raised health. to produce them a seamless patient journey you would like to:

  • Integrate your care contact center software system with a CRM to ne’er lose one interaction with the patients
  • Use voice larva or chatbot to resolve first-level queries like appointment booking, info regarding medical reports, and more
  • Automate workflows to guide customers for post-discharge follow-ups and send health tips, reminding them that you simply take care of their health
  • Understand patients’ emotions with sentiment Associate in Nursingalysis and gauge in to deliver an improved client expertise

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