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Inbound call center

An inbound call is a call that lets your business prospects and customers connect with your business. Also, this call can be referred to as a reactive support call. Thus, an inbound call center enables you to carry out inbound call conversations with your customers.


Our inbound call center software

We offer you some unique inbound call center solutions which help you in delivering great interactive voice response along with some intelligent experience of call center routing so that you can in turn increase your first contact resolution rate as well.


Listed below are some strong and valid reasons that justify your need for an inbound call center.


1 Route the queries of the customer to the best agent available in your inbound call center.

An inbound call center helps you in providing a superior experience to your customers by transferring their calls to appropriate agents. Get on to the higher level of the FRC(first call resolution) and increase customer satisfaction as well, by making the use of intelligent routing algorithms such as a preferred agent or sticky agent routing, routing the agents according to the skills that they possess i.e, skill-based routing, and routing the agents dynamically based on the customer relationship management input that is customer persona based routing.


2 Provide an interactive voice response to your anxious customers by having an inbound call center

Solve the queries of your customers by providing them with a personalized voice prompt so that they can get solutions to their problems just with the help of self-service interactive voice response, without even involving your agents.
You will have the options to choose from a simple IVR, a multiple level IVR, and a dynamic IVR as well so that you can customize your workflow according to the needs of your business. office hours configuration, custom welcome prompts, queue management, accompanied with prioritized routing, and dynamic IVR as well can be included as a few highlights.


3 An inbound call center helps you in empowering your agents to deliver a personalized experience of the contact center to your customers.

Call4Web’s inbound call center software solution provides a unified desktop to the agent accompanied with a cross channel view, along with customer type indicator and customer relationship management as well, which in turn enables you in providing your agents with contextual inbound interactions with their customers. As the agent gets to access the information of the customer including their previous interaction history, their contact information, etc, it enables them to understand the context of the customer and thus have smart conversations with them.

4 Inbound call center operations can be easily measured and scaled by you.

By having an inbound call center, you can easily monitor the real-time production of your inbound agents, with the help of an in-built application of real-time channel monitoring through their voice and chat as well. The managers or also the supervisors of the inbound call center can easily check the efficiency and effectiveness of the agent that is being done in real-time, by the help snooping, barging, whispering, and conferring the channels of the live call and chat as well. Additionally, our inbound call center also provides you with more than 15 reports based on various business and its operations key performance indicators, that too at your desired frequency.

5 Enhance your conversations with the customer by integrating with leading applications.

Include some leading applications like LeadSquare, Zoho, Zendesk, etc, in your inbound call center software customer relationship management. This will help you in increasing the satisfaction level of your customers as you will now be enabled to deliver them with consistent support along with improvement in the productivity status of the agent. This will also help you in making your real-time decisions more meaningful and insightful as well.


Listed below are some advantages that you will be practicing once you start with your inbound call center


A Unified Desktop for each and every agent at your inbound call center

Enable your agents to get access to all the data and information of the customer along with interaction history relation by providing them with a unified desktop.


B Click to call application feature at your inbound call center

Eliminate the need of dialing phone numbers manually with the click to call function.


C Self-service Interactive Voice Response at your inbound call center

Help your customers with an automatic interactive voice response in your inbound call center, to quickly solve all the problems and queries of your customers, without getting your agents involved in it.


D Focus on team collaborations present at your inbound call center

Having an inbound call center means that you can now Provide your agents with on-call assistance, with the team collaboration features like internal chat and other call confer features.


E Give Scores to your agent’s call made from your inbound call center

Analyze the call quality of your agent at your inbound call center and then score each call based on different call parameters in order to increase customer satisfaction by enhancing the call quality.


F Managing callbacks at your personal inbound call center

An inbound call center lets you Make a schedule of callbacks or else, take follow ups on the calls based on a specific time or date that is mentioned by the customers.


G Queue management at your inbound call center

Depending majorly on the high call volume, an inbound call center enables you to move your agents from one queue to another, in order to make the best use of the agent’s capabilities.


H Complete number masking at your inbound call center

With an inbound call center, you have hands on the complete record of data along with masked numbers which are present in the dashboard of the agent, in order to protect the privacy of the customers.


I Dual tone multi frequency masking at your inbound call center

In order to ensure the maximum privacy for the sensitive data of your customer at your inbound call center, enable the dual tone multi frequency at your inbound call center.

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