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Intelligent ticketing

Streamline your communication with the customers and automate routing support tasks to increase your helpdesk productivity and reduce the workload with Call4web intelligent ticketing.


Auto ticketing creation

Let your customer reaches out to your business with their queries through the channel of their preference. Every time a customer contacts the help desk, a ticket is automatically created, and the agents get notified. This allows the helpdesk agent to respond to the conversations from multiple channels like a phone call, e-mail, social media, message, etc., on a single unified desktop. With Call4web intelligent ticketing system, you can give a professional edge to the customer care support of your business and let your helpdesk agent automate routine support tasks, thus increasing the efficiency with every interaction and reducing the workload.


Support multiple channels with Call4web intelligent ticketing software

Create tickets with inbound and outbound calls automatically

With Call4web intelligent ticketing software, you can easily manage the inbound and outbound calls with an ACD or Automatic Call Distributor. When the customer reaches out to the helpdesk, a ticket is generated, which can be routed to the right agent or connected to an IVR. Similarly, a ticket is generated automatically even when an outbound call is made from the agent’s end. The helpdesk agent can also get access to the contextual data in real-time without having the need to keep the dialer on the wait for long.


Resolving customer queries on E-mail

Call4web intelligent ticketing software lets your helpdesk agent login to multiple channels without switching between different tabs, thus enabling them to reply to the customer’s e-mail while managing interaction coming from different channels. The mail can also be tagged with a note or attached with multiple files to offer a satisfactory solution to the customer, and if the issue doesn’t resolve even then, it can be forwarded to a more skilled agent.


Ticket generated via WebChat or In-App Chat

Most of the new visitors scroll through the company’s website to get a better idea of the product or services it offers. And thus, integrating the option of WebChat on the company’s website lets the interested audience get a quick response from the helpdesk. Whenever a ticket is generated via WebChat or In-App Chat, the agent gets notified, which helps in offering a proactive engagement with the audience. Call4web intelligent ticketing omnichannel support software lets your agent switch between multiple channels seamlessly and thus give a quick response to every ticket generated.

Offer the most effective two-way engagement with the customer via WhatsApp.

Nowadays, offering effortless customer care support to the audience helps the business to stay at the top of their competitors, and thus it is crucial for any successful brand to be omnipresent to their clients on a different platform. When you add WhatsApp to your helpdesk support and allow the ticket to be generated whenever someone connects with your business via this platform, it will help your audience to stay connected with your business.


Make your brand presence via Facebook.

Make your business available to your customers on Facebook and allow them to give their feedback and ask their queries via posts and comment on your Facebook page. When you offer your customers to engage with your business on Facebook, you are not only giving them a more convenient option of communication but also creating a positive presence of your brand on the digital platform. With Call4web intelligent ticketing software, your helpdesk agents can quickly respond to any interaction with the customers on the company’s Facebook page.


Communicate in the traditional way with SMS

When it comes to marketing your brand’s product and services to a wider global audience, SMS plays a crucial role in connecting with the customers from areas with poor connectivity. Let your helpdesk agent connect with the customers from every channel, be it an online or an offline platform with the best omnichannel customer support software. Avoid repeating the ticket and prevent multiple agents from working on the same ticket with Call4web intelligent ticketing software.


Be active with your business on popular digital platforms.

Being present on the popular digital media platform is a must for every business to be successful as it brings the idea that your business is approachable for the audience. And thus, engaging with the customers on popular digital platforms such as Instagram or Twitter allows your brand to be visible to a wider target audience. Let your help desk agent experience seamless social media handling with Call4web intelligent ticketing software.


Benefits that an intelligent ticketing system brings to your helpdesk agents

Increase in helpdesk team efficiency

With Call4web intelligent ticketing, automate routine tasks and manage everything from assigning tickets to the right agent and creating preset responses for most FAQs with just a few clicks. Intelligent ticketing software can also be integrated with tools like CRM and thus support the agent in offering a customer satisfactory solution every time.


Offer a unified desk solution.

Call4web omnichannel customer support software allows your helpdesk team to effortlessly handle customer interaction on multiple platforms with a unified desktop. Be it a digital platform like social media, e-mail, WebChat, or a non-digital platform like voice or SMS; everything can be managed from a single desktop view.


Self-service for the viewers

Call4web intelligent ticketing system is designed with an in-build knowledge base that contains the necessary information regarding the product and services offered by your business. As the customers can easily access this published knowledge on their own, this helps to reduce the need to reach a live agent.


Track and monitor the progress

Call4web contact center software allows you to get access to the real-time dashboard and track the progress of every customer-agent interaction. With intelligent ticketing software, you can easily recognize the problems and offer a comprehensive solution to your customers.


Other helpdesk features

Helpdesk automation

Improve help desk productivity and offer your customers a 100% customer satisfactory contact support solution with Helpdesk automation.


Helpdesk reporting

Monitor the helpdesk team’s progress and measure important metrics with real-time dashboard reporting.


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