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Customers are the lifeblood of any business; no matter how niche your service category is, it is obsolete if you cannot reach out to your potential customers – this is business 101, you have to go where your customers (both potential as well existing) are. And in the current time, the best way for a business to connect with its customers is through mobile apps.

Why is it essential for businesses to invest in mobile apps?

In recent studies and surveys, the average daily usage of smartphones has risen by 25 percent compared to previous years and is hovering around 7 hours daily (up from 5.5 hours). That is an astronomical number that any business cannot avoid. From placing orders to searching for the perfect tourist destination, the smartphone is the device an individual goes for. Conclusion – for business growth, one has to invest in mobile app development. And when it comes to iOS Apps Development – Call4Web is the place for you to be at.


iPhone and iOS Apps development solutions


Call4Web provides innovative and custom build iOS solutions for your business that not only works according to your requirement and needs but actively encourage customers to engage. We are a leading iOS Apps development company providing 100 percent satisfactory solutions to our customers, no matter what their requirements are or what industry their business belongs to. With our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we leave no stone unturned in providing our customers with iOS app solutions that they could help themselves but love.

iOS – the right platform for you to invest

Now, you might be asking, ‘why should I invest in iOS apps when they are not even the dominant player in the market?’ and you are not alone in asking that question. Yes, iOS is not the dominant platform in the market, but that does not mean it should be neglected completely. Here are just some of the reasons why investing in iOS Apps development is the right forward step for your business.

A gateway into iPadOS

iOS might not be the dominant OS in the smartphone business, but that is not to say that it is the same in tablets. iPad completely dominates this segment, and due to it being completely similar to iOS, you would not even need to develop another app for iPad users.

A reliable money maker

It is a well-accepted fact that iOS apps generate more revenue for the business in question. iOS users are 10 to 20 percent more likely to pay for apps or services compared to their Android counterparts. So, with an iOS app, you can open a gateway to customers who are more likely to spend money on your products and services.


iOS = secure OS. In the current world, when hacking and data theft has become a part of daily life, iOS offers a more secure operating system. Now it does not mean iOS apps are hackproof; that is not the case at all. But it is indeed significantly easier to hack an android app compare to an iOS app.

Excellent user experience

The main reason why people opt for iPhone over any android operating device is the excellent user experience that one is sure to get with iOS apps. That is not to say that android apps are bad in user experience as they surely have come quite a long distance from the cluttered mess they used to be, but iOS apps are still in a league of their own.

Faster app development

And last but not least, it takes significantly less time to develop an iOS app than an android one. The main reason for that is there are limited variations of iOS devices compared to numerous options when it comes to android.

Types of iOS Apps development


Native App Development


These are those apps that are developed specifically for iOS supported devices. They are developed using fully supported tools by iOS platforms; examples of these are Swift, Objective-C and XCode. Native apps are the pinnacle of app performance as they have sufficient access to hardware and specific iOS features that are vital for a healthy experience.

Hybrid App Development


Hybrid App development is indicative of its name, in this approach same code can be used in multiple platforms, not just with iOS only. Here standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and React Native are utilized.

Why should one choose Call4Web for their iOS App development need?

Call4Web is a leading iOS app development company, providing customers with best-in-class iOS apps solutions.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a core mantra for us at Call4Web. We make use of the latest technologies and frameworks to provide our customers with solutions that are user-friendly, secure, scalable – all in all, a 100 percent customer satisfactory solution. Customer satisfaction is not simply a prime motivator but, in fact, is the drive behind the work we do here at Call4Web.

Agile procedure

By utilizing agile methodology and by conducting frequent scrum events, we optimize the practices and procedures that are so essential in providing our customers with satisfactory iOS app development solutions.

Dedicated team for specific projects

We understand how important the iOS app is for your business growth, and that is why we have dedicated teams consisting of iOS app developers to deliver high-quality business solutions.

Communication every step of the way

We understand how invested a business owner is in their business and want to be involved in the app development procedure as well. We take cognizant of this and constantly communicate with the business owner every step of the way to ensure that not only are both parties on the same page, but we do our best in turning their vision into reality.


 We are extremely upfront with what we need from our clients to provide them with quality solutions and what can and cannot be done regarding their projects.

Affordable pricing

Last but not least, Call4Web provides top-of-the-line iOS Apps Development solutions to customers at highly affordable pricing. With our excellent combination of quality iOS solutions and pocket-friendly rates, we ensure that our customers are 100 percent satisfied with the final product.

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