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Key features of Virtual Call Center

Manage all inbound and outbound calls with a reliable virtual call center without setting up a physical infrastructure.

Improve customer engagement with voice capabilities

Allow your live agents to manage both inbound and outbound calls from anywhere, anytime, and engage with your target audience across the globe with the Call4web Virtual call center.

Preview Dialer

Call4web preview dialer allows the live agent to see the next contact in the list before it connects to the receiving end. This helps the agent gather the customer’s relative data beforehand and offer a personalized experience converting more calls into leads.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response or IVR software helps grow your business and offers efficient customer service by handling incoming call spikes, boosts customer satisfaction, and uplifts customer interaction experience.

On-call options

Improve the efficiency of the live agents with on-call features such as hold, mute, transfer, and call conferencing, allowing them to reach out to other active agents to offer a quality response to the customer on-line.


Call4web virtual call center eliminates human error and saves the significant time of the live agent by allowing them to dial the customer’s number with just a click without the need for manual dialing. Not only does it improve the operation efficiency, but it also prevents re-dialing of a contact multiple times.

Call disposition

Allow the agents to add summary and disposition codes on notes while on a call with a customer, and offer them an intelligent integrated CRM software to ensure that they are able to gather relevant information about the active interaction whenever required.

Voice blast

Connect to a wider customer band and send out the message, reminder, announcement, promotion deals, etc., to a mass audience with a voice blast feature. Automate the whole process of sending messages or announcements to a wider audience and ensure that your words are widespread in the market.

Increase the productivity of your virtual call center with intelligent call routing

IVR or Interactive Voice Response

With a multi-level IVR system, ensure that you are always available to take queries from your customers. This not only acts as an auto-receptionist whenever an interested audience dials your business number but also gives your business a professional edge over your competitors and earns a positive brand reputation among the target audience. Provide relevant information to the caller according to the response received on the dial pad with Call4web IVR software.

Automatic Call Distributor

Offer quick resolution to the customer’s query by connecting them to the best available live agent, customer care team, or IVR with effective routing. Automatic Call Distributor software offers more productive results as it streamlines communication and thus eliminates the long waiting time on call for the dialer. Offer your clients more personalized and hassle-free customer care support with automatic call distributor routing based on the priority clients, past interactions, customer preference, agent experience, etc.

Number masking

The most crucial aspect in a business is to earn the trust of their valuable customers, and thus, no matter a small-scale or a large-fetched business structure, every customer care support needs to ensure that the privacy of their customer is safe with them. Call4web virtual call center software offers a number masking feature that allows that the customer’s and vendor’s contact numbers are encrypted so that there is no probability of the data leaking and all the customer-related sensitive information remains secure.

Skill-based routing

Build trust in your valuable customers by offering quick responses to their queries and increasing customer satisfaction with first call resolution. Call4web virtual call center offers skill-based routing, which ensures that the caller is connected to the most qualified agent that can easily understand the customer’s query based on past interactions and offers better solutions within a short span. This not only ensures 100% customer satisfaction but also saves a significant amount of the agent’s time.

Forwarding to phone

When working remotely, a virtual call center offers your customer support team to be connected without being confined to a single device or a permanent infrastructure. And thus, forwarding incoming calls to mobile phones, SIP phones, or landlines allows the most skilled live agent to be able to attend to the customer’s query, no matter where or when they would only need an internet connection and a headphone.

Improve your agent’s skills

Knowledge base

The knowledge management system allows the agent to store and retrieve the information from the past interaction, FAQs, company bulletin, etc., to offer a quick resolution to the customer’s query.

Unified agent desktop

Equip your live agent with a unified agent desktop and allow them to gain access to the relevant information and log in to different channels on a single desktop.

A single view of the customer

Supervise the agents and customer support team efficiently with a 360-degree view of the customer’s ongoing and past interactions with Call4web virtual call center software.

CRM integration with pre-built connectors


Enhance your customer care support team productivity with seamless integration between Freshdesk and Call4web contact care center software.


Allow your contact center agent to gain access to the relevant information about the live interaction at one place with Call4web and Zoho CRM integration.


Offer power dialing function along with basic telephone functions to your customer support team with Call4web CRM integration with Zendesk.

Microsoft Dynamics

Ensure that your valuable customers receive world-class contact center support with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with Call4web virtual call center software.

Reporting and Monitoring

Empower your remote agents and enhance the customer contact support experience with effective reporting and monitoring only on Call4web virtual call center software.

Voice logger

Keep a log of all the inbound and outbound calls for three months and use them to improve your agent’s customer handling skills.

Call recording

Record every interaction between the customer and live agent and listen to them anytime to gain better knowledge about different aspects of marketing and customer care support.

Multi-campaign supervision

Promote your business on a large scale with multiple campaigns and monitor the progress across all the remote call centers with Call4web virtual call center software.

Peak-hour control

Eliminate the possibility of call crowding and efficiently manage the large incoming call volumes at peak hours by ensuring that the live agents are available to attend the calls.

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