Knowledge Base Rules

From a contact center solution point of view, a knowledge base can be thought of as a catalogue containing all the information about the company’s product or services centralized in a single data base which can be accessed by the helpdesk agent to find information relevant to make useful interaction with the customers.
A knowledge base can work as a reservoir of internal information, serves as a FAQ store for the customers and a guide for the helpdesk agent. With an effective knowledge base tool, all the information related to the company products and services will be at the fingertips of the helpdesk agent, which can be accessed by them anytime with just a few clicks on their desktop.

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Provide your helpdesk team with the power of knowledge base

Don’t let all your helpdesk team efforts go into vain. Equip them with the best knowledge base software tools to gain quick access to the contextual information relevant for their interaction with the clients.

Are your company help desk agents busier in searching for the relevant information? Or requesting their colleagues to send the same doc in the shared chat repeatedly? Then now is the time to upgrade the customer contact center solution of your company with the best Omnichannel customer support software tool- knowledge base.

Why do you need a knowledge base to build an effective contact center solution for your customers?

Centralized information for the live agent

No one knows your company better than you, but unfortunately, you cannot solve all the queries from the customers by yourself, and thus comes in the need to establish an effective customer contact support helpdesk for your business. The knowledge base allows you to store all the data regarding your business, such as the information about the product or services and ongoing deals, promotion campaigns, etc., in one place. This way, it becomes easy for the live agents as well as remote agents to offer customers a satisfactory solution for every query they receive.

Customer Self-service

With the Call4web knowledge base tool, your customers can get quick access to the FAQs or the information related to the product or services they are interested in without having to connect with a live helpdesk agent. The knowledge base omnichannel customer support tool offered by Call4web is highly reliable and easy to use, thus ensuring quick resolution of the customer’s query as they can easily explore the product or service at their convenience without wasting their time on connecting with a manual customer support team.

Improve The Resolution Rate

Let your helpdesk agent gather contextual information regarding the ongoing interaction with the knowledge base. With Call4web omnichannel customer support software, your helpdesk team doesn’t need to switch between different tabs or login multiple channels as it enables them to bring everything on a single unified desktop. When the agent has access to the knowledge base, they can deliver world-class customer care support to the clients by responding to their queries in real-time without making them wait on call for long.

Structures and Instantly Searchable

Call4web knowledge base tool allows you to store all your business-related information in a structured and well-organized manner. When all the relevant documents are nested in a hierarchy, it becomes easy for the helpdesk agent to instantly search any contextual data related to the customer’s inquiry. With Call4web omnichannel customer support software, the live agents can easily gather that relevant information in real-time without having to switch between multiple channels on their desktop.

Reduce in Support tickets

Support tickets can use up the valuable time of your helpdesk support team as the agents will have to attend to the basic customer queries, which doesn’t necessarily require manual support. With the Call4web knowledge base tool, your customers can get quick access to the basic information and thus, they will less likely raise support tickets for their queries. This will not only ensure that the valuable time of your helpdesk agent is used in a more productive way, but it also ensures improvement in the customer satisfaction rate.

Helping Hand for Newbies

Whether you have new agents or a team of seasoned remote agents on your company’s customer care support helpdesk, with a knowledge base tool, they can easily get their hands on the relevant information in real-time and offer customer satisfactory solution in every interaction. With omnichannel customer support software, the agents are able to coordinate with their coworkers on the helpdesk team in real-time and ensure that they deliver the best contact center solution to the clients.

Increase customer retention with improved self-service

AI-Powered Interaction

Offer quick resolution to the customer without having to connect with a live agent with an integrated chatbot at your company website. This will allow the interested audience to gain a better idea about your business with quick replies for their basic queries while scrolling your products or services on your webpage.

Mobile Customer Portal

Allow your audience to connect with your business on their desired platform anytime and anywhere. With a mobile customer portal, they can easily create, reopen and monitor the ticket generated with a few taps on their mobile screen.

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