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Modern problems require modern problems, and that is something successful businesses understand quite well. The needs of the customers have changed significantly in the last decade, and so does their ways of interacting with customer care operatives. Reaching out via Web chats, messenger applications, and on social media have become more and more common and have now become a preferred way for interacting – which a why a business cannot only invest in contact center solutions that have become outdated. Omnichannel Contact Center and its Live Chat feature is the way to go for businesses to provide customers with a better experience.

Call4Web Live Chat Software solutions

With the help of Call4Web Omnichannel Contact Center Live Chat support software, businesses can create personalized connections with their customers. This not only helps the agents to have a contextual conversation with customers on the other end, but it also allows them to immediately provide the support the customer is looking for. Call4Web Live Chat support software is an easy and proactive solution for businesses to provide a highly satisfactory customer experience.

Web Chat

Web Chat is now one of the more common methods of interaction between a business and a customer, both potential as well as existing. Call4Web Omnichannel Contact Center Live Chat support software permits the business and agents to initiate, receive, and improve query handling. This is done on the web-chat portal of the business in question and in real-time as well to provide customers with an unhindered and personalized experience.

In-App Chat

Apps have become quite common in the current time, especially mobile apps, and have become quite an excellent gateway for a business to connect its customers with just a simple touch on their smartphone. This is also an opportunity to allow their agent to directly engage with customers from within in the app, and Call4Web Live chat software solutions do exactly that.


Social media is the go-to method for customers, especially potential customers, to engage with businesses online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., are some of the ways customers interact with businesses. So, naturally, it is vital that businesses provide them with satisfactory customer service on those platforms as well. That is exactly what Live Chat can help the agents do. With Call4Web Omnichannel Contact Center Live Chat support software, agents can initiate and respond to customers in real-time.

Video Chat

Customers expect an immediate resolution to their queries, and businesses that want to stay relevant in the future as well must meet this demand head-on and provide customers with immediate resolutions. Live chat software’s video chat feature can help businesses exponentially in such a situation. First, it eliminates the agents the need to personally visit the site for a check-up, and second, it adds a human element to the conversation, enhancing the customer’s experience.

Advanced Features of Call4Web Live Chat support software

Call4Web Live Chat support software solutions are unique. We provide advanced Live Chat features with our Omnichannel Contact Center solutions, ensuring that the customer on the other end of the interaction will receive a highly personalized and satisfactory customer support experience. Highly personalized customer interaction is the key for businesses to not only have a highly satisfied customer base but also in lead generation as well. The more satisfied an individual is with the operator on the other end, the more likely they are to make future investments in the said business.

But that is not all, as Call4Web’s Omnichannel contact center Live chat software empowers the agents as well in their conversation with a customer.

Contextual and proactive engagement with Customers

Call4Web Live Chat support software automatically goes through the history of the customer interaction and purchases and immediately asks them what their query is about. With the integration of this software, the agents do not have to wait for the customer on the other end to state their query and start the conversations, they can quickly do that on their own. Being proactive in customer interaction has proven to be an excellent way to provide satisfactory customer service. In fact, studies have shown that customers even appreciate when businesses are sensitive to the requirement of a customer and offer help without being prodded to do so. Contextual and proactive engagement with customers can significantly impact a business image among their customers.

Constant Customer Service

One of the primary reasons businesses opt for Omnichannel contact center Live chat support software is that it allows the agents to engage with customers on several different platforms and mediums. Operators can easily engage with customers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, and other social media platforms, as well as on the website and mobile apps. Where the customer is, that is where the business has to be – that is Business 101, and Live Chat features take this to a whole new level. And top of that, an agent can quickly retrieve the information about the customer on the other end of the live chat immediately from the knowledge base, allowing them to immediately respond to customers’ queries.

Handling Multiple Interaction

Call4Web Live Chat support software allows the agent to handle multiple customer interactions efficiently at the same time. This is done by creating a unified desktop that is not only limited to chat platforms. This eliminates the need for the agent to toggle between multiple screens to interact with customers interacting on different platforms. This not only saves the agent’s time but also positively impacts the agent’s productivity. Agents can easily reply to other chats while waiting for a response from one customer.

Intelligent Routing

A hidden but highly useful feature of Call4Web Live Chat support software is actively routing interactions to the right agent seamlessly. This only leads to better utilization of the resources available at the contact center, but routing the active or passive chat to an agent most competent in handling it, can only enhance the customer experience. Operators can also transfer the chat to a supervisor or another agent if need be. This not empowers the operators by allowing them to interact with customers that have queries related to their department, but it also allows them to provide proactive assistance to the customer.

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