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Mobile call center

Mobile call center- enterprise call center now available on a mobile phone

Listed below are some features of mobile call center


  1. No infrastructure is needed for the agent

A smartphone with a good internet connection is all you need

  1. Enterprise-grade features

Your business will run as usual only. You will have access to complete call center functions accompanied with high call quality as well.

  1. Ease of use

A mobile call center will act as a complete call center suite. You will not experience any more productivity loss due to toggling of tabs.

  1. Comprehensive Remote monitoring

You will now be able to hold your agents more accountable because having a mobile call center is much more than having a cloudy telephony solution.

  1. Enterprise-ready security

You can now prevent customer data breaches as no data will ever be stored on the device of the agent.

  1. Monitoring of the infrastructure

You can now easily keep a check on the healths of the devices that are being used by the agent.


The above points are just like headings to the main features so, Let us now have a detailed discussion about the points that are listed above:- 


  • After having a mobile call center you do not need to worry about infrastructure

A phone call center does not let you limit your business with infrastructural constraints. Your integration with Call4Web’s enables your agent to serve high-quality services to your customers just by using a smartphone with a stable internet connection in it. Our service is backed up with mobile WebRTC and thus we ensure that you do not have to make any kinds of compromises.

In short, words, having a phone call center means that you do not need any kind of infrastructure agent. Instead, a mobile phone and a good internet connection are all you need in order to set up your remote contact center.


  • Our Service ensures that you do not need to compromise on the call center’s capabilities.

Switching to a remote call center should not result in a gap in your call center management. The mobile call center app by Call4Web works like a full-on contact center that also automates your outbound calling. This makes it very different from your call center app that you usually use on daily basis.

Our Service ensures that you are provided with complete call center functions accompanied by high quality calls as well.


  • The mobile call center at Call4Web helps you in boosting your call agent productivity

Making use of the floating widget of the Call4Web’s mobile call center application will help you in letting your agents have quick access to the call-related activities while they are browsing any other apps. Agents can simply use the click to dial feature and also can even dispose of a call from the floating button. In addition to it, the mobile call center of Call4Web allows the customer service to copy and paste the data in the toolbar which they can access whenever they want.

This clearly means that businesses now will not have to face any kind of productivity loss due to tab toggling.


  • If you wish to stay on top of the remote call center operations, the mobile call center is a necessity for you

In order to make on the go decisions, you first need to have complete visibility of the call center’s key performance indicators accompanied with campaign level dashlets. The mobile call center application at Call4Web enables the superiors to use this application for making changes in the dialing strategies or also aligning callbacks whereas the same application can be used by the agents for marking call dispositions and notes.

In short, words having a mobile call service means that you will be having comprehensive remote monitoring. You can now hold your agents more accountable, in comparison to a cloudy telephone.


  • Keep your customer data secured

Even when our customers are using their personal smartphones to make and manage customer interactions, our mobile call center application still ensures that the data stays completely secured and the call recording or the screenshots being taken can be blocked by using the VPN support.

In short, no customer data is stored on the agent’s device. This leads to the prevention of customer data breaches.


  • Our Mobile service clearly helps you in overcoming all your remote infrastructural challenges

You can easily practice infrastructure monitoring when you have a mobile call center. You can now monitor the health status of your devices and systems that are being used by your remote agents, irrespective of their work locations. Your managers and supervisors can now fetch the device management reports by making use of our application, in order to first identify call failures and then make corrections and improvements as well.


  • You can practice higher remote agent work.

The mobile call center at Call4Web enables session timeout when it detects that some inactivity is being carried by the agent. This means that the session going on the app will automatically log out whenever the agent goes inactive for a time duration, that is configured by the supervisors. The logging out of the session will be recorded as ‘inactivity log out’ by the superiors which in turn will lead to precisions on the productivity hours of the agents, by the supervisors. In addition to it, the agents are given a flash notification or a warning before the session logs out.


The features of Call4Web’s Mobile app are:-

  1. Outbound calling as well as inbound calling
  2. Control Technology Inc integration Program
  3. Channels at a digital level
  4. Live chat
  5. Click to dial
  6. Superior call quality
  7. International mobile equipment identity whitelisting
  8. Consistent metrics tracking
  9. Dispositions and notes
  10. Omnichannel support
  11. Agent to agent chat
  12. CRM integration
  13. Individual as well as broadcast chat
  14. Agent media dashboard
  15. Remote network and device error log
  16. Remote agent monoitoring
  17. Dial using mobile agent app
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