Multilevel IVR system for Your Business

Are you ready to win over the target audience with a professional interactive voice response system from the best multilevel IVR service provider? At Call4web, we offer customized and cost-efficient IVR service with round-the-clock customer support service to make the whole process hassle-free.

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Why should you choose the Call4web IVR Solution for Your Business?

Reports any analytic data

Call4Web collecting data and providing an agent-wise report and call analytic data on a real-time dashboard on your business email id by our team.

Customized solution

If you have a specific request for the welcome message or any other IVR-related demand, we would love to hear from you! We have a team of expert and innovative IVR professionals who have been working to provide the customers with high-end quality tailor-made IVR solutions for their business for years now.

Remote working

With the IVR solution from Call4web, you can connect with your customers from any remote area, and thus saving you from losing any lead in your business due to call ignorance.

Best customer service support

Our team of customer support service providers is working round the clock to solve your queries and offer their assistance in IVR-related tasks anytime, anywhere. You can connect to us through phone, email, website chat, and social media.

How does IVR work?

Here’s how we assist in the growth of your business through an effective and reliable IVR service

Customers contact to your business phone number.

A customer reaches your business through the number mentioned on your company’s website/advertisement etc.

The dialer is direct to automated call response

The dialer is connected to an automated call response and asked to input their response via the dialer pad to access different services.

Connecting further to the corresponding outcome

The call is then connected further to the service or department that is accessed by the dialer through the dial-pad.

Benefits of using multilevel IVR systems for your business

There are multiple benefits of getting your hands on the advanced IVR system.

Connecting to a live agent

If there is a conversation request, the dialer is then connected to the live agent of the respective department.

Integrating Call4web IVR system to inbound and outbound calls

  • With our IVR system, your dialer will be connected to the respective department they have a query with. Inbound IVR systems can be used to ease the task of customer support service, order tracking, etc.
  • Outbound call IVR is beneficial with business tasks such as receiving feedback, conducting surveys, etc. The dialer will receive a pre-recorded automated response from your end, and also you can use it to accept input from the other side.

Benefits of using Multilevel IVR Systems for Your Business

There are multiple benefits of getting your hands on the advanced IVR system.


Not only does the multilevel IVR system saves the time of the call representatives who are on the receiving end to take calls for your business, but it also saves time for the customers.
With just a few taps of the dial-pad, the dialer gets connected to the concerned departments or even receive information without actually connecting to a real person on the phone. And when the customer is unable to reach a satisfactory solution, they can be connected to the live agent, thus filtering out the calls for your agents on the receiving end.

Customized Welcome Greeting call for Your Customers

Whenever a dialer tries to contact you on your business number but also gives your business a professional edge.
You can create a positive impression on the audience by customizing a welcoming greeting for the dialer who tries to reach your business through the phone call. The greeting can also be customized to focus on your brand’s image, such as with a piece of dynamic information or your brand’s tag line, to make your customer more aware of your company.

Enhancing the Experience for Dialer on the wait

Before, the IVR system used to be a thing for a successful, well-established company, but now it has become a necessity for any kind of small- or large-scale business. 
According to the surveys, with on-hold music, the customer on the call doesn’t actually feel as if they are waiting for a long time on hold as compared to no on-hold music, and thus they don’t get frustrated or impatient while waiting for their query to be solved or getting transferred to the respective department. The customers only stick with the businesses that provide effective customer care service to their clients, and thus, adding small details like this will help your brand to hold on to your valuable customers for long.

Smart Advertising to the Target Audience

Amazingly, multilevel IVR solutions can also become a way for your business to market its exclusive offers to the target audience. You can replace the on-hold music with a voice recording of the limited-time deals and offers on your products and services. This way, multilevel IVR systems can be used as an innovative and informative marketing strategy to advertise your brand and its products to the audience who are interested in your business or are already connected with your company.

Increasing Credibility of Your Brand

IVR is a consistent, 24*7, and welcoming way of attending to your customers who tried to contact your brand through your business number. With an effective Interactive Voice Response system, the queries from your customers will get attended irrespective of the time and traffic on your business phone service, which will gain more respect and trust for your business in the eyes of the customers and increase the credibility of your brand in a small span.

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