Omnichannel Contact Center

Call4web omnichannel contact center software helps you bring more exposure to your brand and interact with a wider band target audience with an integrated social media experience.

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Provide quick support to your customers

Allow your customers to have access to different social media so that they can reach out to you on their preferred digital platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, LINE or Viber. Offer a seamless customer support service to your clients by enabling your agents to resolve customers’ queries quickly without switching between different tabs with Call4web omnichannel contact center software.

Build a Stronger Customer-Band Relationship

Offer personalized customer support service to your customers with social media interaction and delight them with quick, hassle-free responses from the customer support team. Call4web omnichannel contact center software offers your business a quality social media experience and makes it convenient for your customers to reach out to your business with a single tap on their mobile screens.

Attracting New Audiences Towards Your Brand

Whenever an interested audience enters your company’s website, they search for a social media redirecting button. Thus, Call4web omnichannel contact center software offers your business an upper hand among your competitors by providing seamless interaction options to your customers and target audience on every social media channel possible.

Gain Valuable Insight

Get a better understanding of your customer’s behavior with valuable insight such as most preferred social media platform, most frequently asked queries, buying pattern, etc. and offer a more personalized experience to your customers in future. Allow your agent to save their significant time by providing a unified desktop solution and reducing the login time into any channel with Call4web omnichannel contact center software.

Smart Solution

Deliver quick responses to the customer’s query by reducing the waiting time and enabling the live agent to quickly access the relevant information for active interaction with Call4web omnichannel contact center software. This smart social media customer support software allows the agent to add notes to the live conversation and offer a better customer support experience.

Choose Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Integrated Customer Care Support

Here’s how the Call4web Omnichannel Contact Center Solution improves your business’s contact center operation.


Allow the live agent to gain access to the contextual data related to the ongoing interaction with Call4web omnichannel contact center software. Get the best outcome with every interaction and effectively manage inbound and outbound calls with the best contact center software.


Offer quick response to customer queries on passive platforms such as an e-mail with automatically generated interactions. Bring the best out of your live agent-customer interaction skills by offering them only the best Call4web contact center software solution to increase their productivity and eliminate unnecessary waste of time.


Be omnipresent for your customers and allow them to connect with your business using chat messengers such as We Chat, Line, WhatsApp, etc. Initiate meaningful conversation and receive customer queries with just one click. Call4web Omnichannel contact support software works to offer a helping hand to your live agent by integrating every interaction on a unified desktop.

Benefits of Integrating your brand’s social media into an Omnichannel support strategy

Unlike a few years ago, consumers have now access to multiple channels where they can browse, search and buy your brand’s products and services online. And if you have already taken the necessary step to gain the attention of your target audience with your social media presence, then now is the time to get a few more steps ahead by offering a world-class customer support service to your audience by integrating your business social media into an omnichannel support strategy.

What are you waiting for?

Call4web omnichannel contact center support software allows your business to deliver a unified customer experience and offer personalized solutions to your customers by acknowledging the previous touchpoints and tracing the customer journey on a unified desktop. Stay at the top of your game with increased ROI, improved engagement and enhanced customer retention with your brand.

Earning the Trust of the Audience

Social media is not only a platform where you can showcase your brand’s product and services, but it is also a medium for the audience to seek validation for the products or services of your brand that they are interested in, and thus it is necessary to maintain an easily approachable social image of your business on the digital platform. With Call4web omnichannel software integration, you can employ a positive brand image to earn the trust of your target audience online.

Gather Relevant Data

With social media platform, you can get some valuable, relevant data of your customers such as the most preferred digital platform for business interaction, most frequently asked queries, customers interest, how they compare your brand with the competitors in the market, etc. which can be gathered and centralized into one shared database so that your live agent can access to all this relevant information and pitch a more personalized deal to your customers in future interactions.

Navigate Your Customers

Social media allows you to track and analyze the conversations about your business anywhere on the digital platform and navigate your customers online. This brings you enough information to analyze customer behavior, buying patterns, and ongoing trends in the market. Call4web omnichannel contact center software allows you to integrate all the relevant data gathered from social listening and create more opportunities for your business to connect with the customers across different social media platforms.

Developing a Positive Brand Reputation

Social media is an open platform that can be easily accessed by your audience or customer to post their concern about your brand online, which is visible to everyone on the internet, and thus it is critical for any brand to proactively respond to such posts and let the customer get satisfied with your response. An integrated Call4web omnichannel contact center software with your business social media accounts allows your customer care support team to get notified with every post on your brand’s social media platform and reply via direct message or outbound call.

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