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Omnichannel Features

Get access to a seamless cross-channel experience and provide consistent unified customer interaction solutions with Call4web omnichannel contact center software.

Omnichannel offers a one-stop contact center solution.


Call4web contact center software offers an inbuilt e-mail editor and templates that allow ease in responding to the customer’s e-mail. It also helps the agent manage the interactions coming from multiple channels at a time.


Offer the best and hassle-free contact center solution to your customers with both inbound and outbound call service using smart voice features and improve your CSAT rate with the best Call4web contact center software.


Respond to every customer query on social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, or any other digital platform with Call4web omnichannel contact center software. Increase your customer base and connect to a wider band of the target audience through the social media platform.



Initiate personalized conversation or respond to the customer’s query with Call4web live chat support software. This proactive way of offering live assistance support to the client in real-time will allow the agent to respond quickly to the customer’s inquiries.


Video chat

Offer face-to-face interaction and build trust for your brand with the target audience through a more humanized contact center solution with a video chat. With Call4web contact center software, offer the best personalized communication to your clients through video call conferencing, live browsing, call recording and much more.

Single view of the customer

With Call4web omnichannel contact center software solution, offer a cross-channel customer view to your live agent on a single screen so that they can get prepared beforehand with all the relevant information of the customer and offer the best personalized customer care experience with every interaction.

Seamless contact center experience with automation

Create a seamless and effective contact center solution for your customer as well as your live agents with the best Omnichannel contact center software.


Conversation resolver

Map the customer’s past journey with contextual information and merge all the interactions on different digital platforms into a single conversation to preserve contact and offer simple call center operation to your live agent.


Omni routing

With Call4web Omni routing, all the incoming calls or interactions will get auto-routed to the right agent based on the agent’s availability, skills, workload, customer’s category, etc. Integrating Omni-routing with your contact center solution will also help you save time and resources with smart routing automation.


Automation rules

Streamline workflow at the contact center desk with automation rules based on the event and time-related triggers. These event or time-based automation rules are evoked when a specific event or when the event takes place during a particular course of time.


Customer journey management

Map conversation journey

Maintain the customer’s journey by merging the interactions in a single conversation throughout the time. This helps the live agent better understand the customer’s behavior and strategize the current conversation with personalized deals and offers that can entertain the buyer.


Preserve context

Increase agent productivity by allowing them to combine interactions coming from different active and passive channels while maintaining the context of the conversation with Call4web omnichannel contact center software. Save the agent’s time by eliminating the need to toggle between different tables to maintain consistency in the conversation across different channels.


Customer’s preferred channel

Offer a unified customer support experience to your clients and interact with them on their preferred channels, be it E-mail, chat or call. Strengthen your brand-customer relationship and delight your customer with a personalized way of connecting to the live agent on whichever platform they feel comfortable with.


Universal agent

Enhance the skills of your live agent by offering them the best omnichannel contact center software solution providing them with a holistic view of every interaction on a unified desktop. It allows the agent to work on active as well as passive media while also attending to the tickets generated.

Analysis through live monitoring and dashboard


Gather useful information with Channel reporting

Get access to the detailed report of all the interactions on different channels and gather useful information such as query resolution time, customer’s most preferred channel, etc., with Call4web omnichannel contact center software.


Offer the best and hassle-free contact center solution to your customers with both inbound and outbound call service using smart voice features and improve your CSAT rate with the best Call4web contact center software.

Analyze agent’s performance across channels

Get a better idea about the agent’s productivity by monitoring their interactions across different channels and generating a summary report with Call4web omnichannel contact center software. You can then use this information to help the agents develop their skills and smartly assign the workload among the contact center support team.


Live monitoring of the operations.

The contact center support team manager will get a live feed of all the inbound and outbound calls and even the conversation on passive media, with all the data related to the live agent and the interaction. This will help them supervise their team better and offer a more personalized solution to your customers.


Multichannel vs omnichannel contact center experience

While Omnichannel contact center software offers a unified desktop to the agent and allows them to switch between different channels, a multichannel contact center creates hindrance in providing a seamless and personalized contact center experience to both your customers and the live agent. The lack of a single customer view on the multichannel contact center affects the efficiency and disrupt the seamless experience as the live agent have to toggle up between different channels to gain access to the relevant data about the active interaction. Call4web omnichannel contact center software offers a more meaningful, hassle-free and engaging customer contact support solution to your business.


Choose Call4web omnichannel contact center software for any business.

Call4web omnichannel contact center software is customized to fulfil the demands of businesses of all sizes, whether your business focuses on creating awareness about your brand to a broader band of target audience with company marketing or is dedicated to offering products to the customers through telemarking and e-commerce.

Use a unified desktop to deliver the best contact center service solution to your customers and grow your business with Call4web omnichannel contact center software offering exceptional customer experience, hassle-free management and improving the efficiency of the agent.

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