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Features overview

Call4web omnichannel customer support software offers comprehensive customer care solutions to your clients through voice, E-mail and other digital channels.

Make the most out of every interaction with Omnichannel customer support.

Arm your live agent and customer support helpdesk with the best contact center software solution to bring the best outcome with every interaction.


Call4web omnichannel customer support software helps your live agent to offer customer satisfactory contact care solutions to the clients with both inbound and outbound calls. It allow your agent to access contextual data, record calls and monitor their progress with a real-time dashboard.


With automatically generated tickets, enable your agent to respond to the customer’s queries quickly. Omnichannel customer support software saves the valuable time of your live agent by eliminating the struggle of switching between multiple login channels.


For any business which desires to connect to a wider band of the target audience, it is crucial to be omnipresent on multiple platforms and offer their customer the choice to interact with the business on their desired one. With Call4web omnichannel customer support, connect offline customers through effective SMS interaction.

Social media

Multiply your brand reach and create a strong brand presence of your business on social media platforms with Call4web omnichannel customer support software. Don’t miss any interaction with your customers on social media, be it a promotion shout out, customer queries, or other relevant news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Offer a transparent customer-business bond to your valuable clients and walk them through your behind the scene work with an interactive YouTube channel. Allow your agents to reply to the YouTube comments without interruption with Call4web omnichannel contact support software.

Mobile App

Present your helpdesk and remote agents with a well-built customer support contact center on their smartphones. With Call4web mobile agent app, your live agents can make or receive calls, monitor their progress, resolve customer queries through online chatting, E-mail, and bring your brand’s presence on social media with just a few taps on their mobile phones.


Offer permanent and reliable chat support on your company’s website to your customers or the target audience interested in your products or services. This allows them to go through your webpage while interacting with a live agent on chat.

Empower your helpdesk agent with the best customer contact center software

Offer the best contact center support system to your helpdesk team to help them deliver a productive and efficient outcome with every interaction.

Unified Agent Desktop

Simplify the task of searching relevant information for the live agents with the Call4web unified agent desktop tool. The agent can get access to the customer data such as past interactions, personal information, or even knowledge about the company’s product and services on a single desktop.

Map tickets

Let your agent easily map the tickets generated on call when a customer raises multiple queries via a single ticket. With Call4web omnichannel contact support software, the agent is capable of monitoring the past interaction of the customer, offering quick resolution to the follow-up issues.

Third-party ticket update

With Call4web omnichannel customer support software, the live agent can update the interaction related information on the third-party system as well as in the customer ticket at the same time. The information then can be gathered in the future when required, as well as can be used to supervise the progress of the agent.

Live agent app

Ensure smooth conduction of every field operation with quick ticket resolution in real-time. Allow your live agents to access the information about their current tickets, view and close their tickets via Call4web live agent app to improve the customer care support experience and save the valuable time of the helpdesk agents.

Customer interaction from cross-process

Help your agent offer customers satisfactory solutions and better understand the context of every interaction even when the customer is supported by a different process and multiple campaigns. This also offers your customer to interact with the live agent with ease.

Sentimental analysis capability

Sentimental analysis is crucial for a business that intends to offer personalized solutions or deals to its customers and target audience. When your live agent is empowered with sentimental analysis capability, it allows them to track the customer’s emotions and deliver better interaction to them while prioritizing the critical issues.

Serve your customers with faster and better contact center support through workflow automation.

Eliminate manual errors and save valuable time of your live agent by automating the repetitive task to simplify your business helpdesk ticketing system.

Critical ticket prioritization

Automation help desk customer support software prioritize the tickets based on factors such as sentimental analysis and waiting time, etc., once the ticket is generated and thus manage the tickets for the live agent.

Routing rules

With a defined routing algorithm, the large inflow of the calls can be easily managed by distributing and assigning the tickets to the right agent depending on the availability, skills, work experience, etc.

Heat Map

Call4web omnichannel customer support software allows setting the ticket automation rule depending on the specific time or event. This enables the agent to analyze the tickets generated and prioritize the crucial ones.

Merging similar tickets

This tool allows the agent to merge the tickets from the same customer or having the same subject and reduce the amount of tickets generated.

Improve operational efficiency with real-time reporting and monitoring

Allow your helpdesk team supervisor to track the agent progress with real-time data on all the relevant metrics. With the scheduled report, send default reports of the helpdesk to multiple managers and get an in-depth understanding of the working process at the customer help desk.

Self-assistance to the customers for quick resolution

Integrate advanced omnichannel customer support with your helpdesk system and offer the customers with self-assistance tools.

AI-powered interactions

Provide AI-powered customer experience by integrating chatbot in your helpdesk to offer quick query resolution without connecting the customer to an actual agent.

Mobile customer portal

Offer an easy interface to your customers and allow them to create, reopen and monitor the tickets on their own with a mobile customer portal.

Knowledge base

Offer contextual information and FAQs to the customer with a knowledge base and help them resolve the queries on their own.

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