Outbound Call Center Software

Engage with the target audience and grow your business by organizing, tracking, and analyzing every call made using the best outbound call center software from Call4web.

Benifits of Outbound Call Center Software

Outbound call center software is used with the businesses which market their products and services to the target audience via telemarketing, telesales, etc. Outbound call center software helps in maximizing the outcome from every call made by outstretching the capability of the marketing and sales team and optimizing their efforts. Call4web outbound call center software is handcrafted to meet the requirements of your business and offer seamless features to the sales team, which helps the agents to reach out to more prospects and convert better leads just from a call.

Save your valuable time with an auto dialer.

An auto dialer software allows the business to dial out a large number of contacts, and if the call is responded from the customer’s end, then this software allows to connect them to a live agent. This not only saves significant time for the agents from the marketing and sales team but also increases the productivity and efficiency of the whole process. This filters out the non-interested band of audience from the calling list and also cuts the agent talk time, allowing them to be connected to a greater number of the target audience in a single day.

Increases efficiency with predictive dialer

Predictive dialer allows to connect more customer calls in a shorter time and thus an ideal tool for telemarketing, debt collection, tele calling, etc. Predictive dialer works like the right-hand of the agent as they don’t have to rummage through the complete contact list and filer out the number that has not been contacted yet and thus eliminating the need to dial contact numbers manually. A predictive dialer also ensures that once the agents are free to take another call, it automatically dials out the number from the list and thus reducing agent idle time.

Have a comprehensive overview of every call

Call4web call monitoring feature allows you to access important insight into the customers’ needs as it helps you to monitor every call made by the agent on the marketing and sales team of your company. This not only keeps the agent’s efficiency in check but also gives a helping hand in improving customer interactions, reducing costs, and enhancing customer support team performance.

Simple integration for informed conversations

Call4web outbound call center software can be easily integrated with multiple helpdesks or e-commerce tools and CRM, eliminating the need to jump back and forth between different applications. Your marketing and sales team agent will get all the data necessary to make an informed conversation with the customer, such as the customer’s information, past chat, etc., in one place. When the agent has enough information already in hand, it will help them to understand the requirement of the customer better and pitch their sales accordingly.

Call recording to gather relevant information

Call4web outbound call center software allows automatic call recording of every outgoing call made by your agent, which can then be listened anytime and anywhere, as long as you have internet connectivity with you. This not only helps in monitoring the efforts of the team on the desk but also to gather relevant information and personalize the approach to the target audience. This also helps in understanding the needs of the clients and helps the agent to develop their skills and improve the customer interaction quality.

Improving the quality of your call center service

The majority of the audience still prefers to interact with a business through the audio mode, and thus offering an effective call center service is a must for any business to grow in the market. When you offer Call4web outbound call center software to your sales and marketing team, you give them an advanced tool to work smartly and efficiently while saving up on the valuable time of your business. With schedules call back, automatic dialer, unified desktop with integrated CRM, and other additional features offered by our software, your agent will be able to manage to handle a huge number of calls and generate more leads by reducing average agent handling time.

Features of Call4web (OCC) software

Engage with the target audience and grow your business by organizing, tracking, and analyzing every call made using the best outbound call center software from Call4web.

Auto Dialer

Increase the agent productivity by eliminating the manual dialing and reducing average agent handling time with advanced auto dialer software.

Call Transfer

Once a positive response is received from the customer’s end, transfer the call to the respective department or agent.

CRM Integration

Offer your agent a unified desktop to access the relevant data of the customer with CRM integration and offer a personalized solution to your customers.

Call Recording

Automatic call recording of every outgoing call to monitor the efficiency of the agent, gather relevant information about the customer’s need, and improve customer support service.

Dynamic caller ID

Reduce the call drops, avoid getting blacklisted by the customers and increase the call pick-up rates.

Detailed Reporting

Get access to the daily, weekly, or monthly reports with the complete details of every outgoing call made by the agent on the desk and easily monitor their progress.

Predictive Dialer

Automatically dial out the contact number from the lead list and connect to more customer calls in a short time with an effective predictive dialer.

24*7 Customer Support

Adopting new methods in your business marketing strategy is a tough task, and thus our team of customer support care is available 24*7 to offer you the best assistance related to any Call center software query.

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