Outbound Call Centre

Outbound Call Center Suite is a great tool which helps to manage optimal outbound campaigns with the help of outbound dialer. Outbound call center software is effectively used for outbound calling process. Outbound Call center helps in displaying your local caller ID for global calling.

We keep the balance in check by adapting the best campaign tactics.

  • Automated outbound call handline Mode with Auto / Predictive / Manual / Preview Dialing
  • Modular Architecture for Agent Dialing & Admin Management
  • Call Recording along with Advanced and analytical logging
  • Agent/User Management for Inbound call center
  • Multiple Campaign Management for Outbound call center
  • Realtime and Historical Call Monitoring and Statistics
  • Handling of more than one dialer servers individually or in a cluster
  • Callback scheduling
  • Call Transfer/Forward with 3-Way Call Conferencing
  • DNS leads Management
  • Uploading leads with .csv & with custom options with duplication verification
  • Outbound CallCenter Suite can be used in following Business Areas.
  • Direct Marketing Software for Call center dialer
  • Customer Survey Software for blended call center
  • Telecommuting Software for voice blasting services
  • Telemarketing From Home using reliable Call center software solutions
  • Telephony Phone Software
  • Contact Center Software
  • Phone Customer Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Inbound Call Center Suit with the help of iConnect

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