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Planning to have a better relationship with your customer, build a remote call center first!


1 Take a step towards having a better relationship with your client by Establishing Remote Information Technology & Off-Premise Station Governance

Confirming the availability of robust infrastructure in order to support fluid communication is always one of the top challenges. In order to run contact centers with confidence and also create a high trust environment for the employees working over there, businesses first need to establish remote call governance along with a 360-degree application infrastructure management.

2 Team Collaboration is most important for building a better client relationship

Long-lasting relationships with your customers are a direct indication of the growth of your business. Maintaining healthy relationships with your customers throughout their journey will help your business in growing faster. Take full and proper advantage of your customer’s interactions across their preferred communication channels. Also, try to make most of your agents’ productivity by allowing them to engage in multiple interactions side by side.

3 Not having a proper Remote Call center may result in the loss of Customer Service Quality

Contact centers maybe sometimes using multiple as well as outdated software which may result in miss calls and messages from the customers that may result in loss of business opportunities. Adopting new technology and software that indulges with software that still exists or instead of that, choosing a platform that already has many different systems included in it can result in more effective as well as efficient virtual contact centers.


Listed below are some points which clearly elaborate how Call4Web’s remote call center is acting as a solution for business continuity as well as smooth operations


  • Remote Governance with an Application Infrastructure Management (AIM) of 360 degree

Call4Web’s Remote call center has given the power to the businesses, to overcome the challenges of the infrastructure of remote information technology by providing them with a 360 degree view of all the remote systems, devices, including the environment as well. Businesses are now backed up with more than fifteen monitoring parameters which will further help them in solving the challenges of remote operation.

  • An AIM (application infrastructure management) of 360 degree
  • Voice quality at its best
  • Secured and protected remote work environment



Practice control with the operations of remote call center

The remote call center at Call4Web provides you with the authority of gaining full control over your contact center operations, even when you are working remotely, simply by using a home based call center solution. You can now get a proper and unique view of the remote agents irrespective of their location where they are working or the telephony system that is being used by them. Also, you can now measure your remote call center operations in order to ensure your business is, as usual, that too without worrying about any kind of infrastructure challenges.

  • Unique and a proper view through remote monitoring
  • Remote agent stability
  • Solutions ready for work from home situation


You can now flexibly login from anywhere and everywhere

We at Call4Web provide our remote call center agents with the freedom to log in from anywhere, everywhere, and anytime. The agents, users, and supervisors as well are provided with the same freedom. They can log in to the system from any kind of smart device- mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc, any kind of browser as well. Also, they can log in to the system from any kind of environment i.e, either at home or at work. Not only this, but the agents as well as the supervisors can monitor the user’s status and then locate the resources according to their needs.

  • The flexibility of login from any smart device
  • Real-time user management
  • Remote working from anywhere and everywhere


The Minimum the disruption, the faster the Deployment

Call4Web has achieved expertise in delivering numerous remote deployments in the past few months. Thus, this acts as an advantage for you as you can now easily set up your remote call center within days using the expertise of Call4Web. In addition to it, with regular product betterment and robust product development, you are enabled to build a remote call center that aims at delighting your customers as well as your agents along with meeting your objectives side by side.

  • Solutions ready for work from home situations
  • Continuous advancements accompanied by continuous achievements
  • Minimum disturbance
  • Maximum deployment


Call4Web provides you with work mode selection capabilities

We believe that satisfied employees are the key to a leading and healthy enterprise. This is the reason due to which we provide our employees with the freedom of work mode selection. Our agents are given the flexibility to choose whether they want to work from home or else they want to come to the office and work over here that is they want to work from the office. With this flexibility, team heads are able to measure and compare the efficiency in different work modes depending upon the number of phone calls made and handled, call connectivity ratio, and networks failures also if in any case. This data analysis will help in decision making as well as strategy forming.


The remote call center at Call4Web ensures optimum management to your customer’s presence

Witnessing the agents inactivity on the app, the session on the app will itself log out. The duration of this inactivity can clearly be configured by admin or the supervisor as well. Noting down the reasons for the sessions of inactivity auto log out in the reports can have some insights on the productivity hours of the agent. Before the session is on the edge of a timeout, the agent first gets a flash warning which warns them about the time out. Listed below are the features of Call4Web presence management which enable superiors to:

  • Define the magnitude of time for inactivity
  • Focus and note down the exact reason behind auto log out
  • Get notifications regarding inactive auto log-out sessions.


          Some reasons that why a leading enterprise should choose Call4Web


  • We provide you with great flexibility
  • We let you exercise control and power
  • We are reliable and secure i.e, you can trust us with your data
  • We provide you with comprehensive reports
  • We practice seamless integration
  • We are experts in customer engagement i.e, we provide our customers with the best of engagement solutions
  • Last but not the least, we are trusted by brands located worldwide. In short, we are trusted globally.


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