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Skill Base Rules

Automation is the need of the hour in every business operation, and so is the case with contact center solutions as well, and specifically in the ticketing system. There needs to be a mechanism that is solely dedicated to automatically routing and prioritizing the support tickets based on several parameters and using multiple filters. These multiple filters are defined and based on configured rules that set the intended course of action and the decision the system must take on every ticket that has been generated in the system.

It would be accurate to say that this feature is extremely vital for the contact center solutions to work as intended and to ensure a seamless operation at the contact center.


Why does Skill base routing so essential for customer service?


Skill based routing is a process that happens behind the scene and goes unnoticed by everyone who is making use of such a feature, but there could be no arguments against the profound impact it has on the customer as well as the agent experience in handling a query. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer (both potential as well as existing) to stay put on hold for a long time and then need to be rerouted to an agent more capable of handling their query. The customer would be extremely irate from such an experience if they have not already disconnected. This experience results in a rapid decline in trust for a brand in a market, and any business that wishes to be successful must ensure that nothing like this happens in their contact center.


The solution that would ensure that such a scenario does not happen is Call4Web contact center solutions with our efficient skill base ticket routing mechanisms. Our critical contact center solutions ensure fast and frictionless customer support. Making the right use of skill base rules for routing and assigning the right operator to handle a specific set of tickets issues can easily amplify the possibility of a positive resolution. Everything that happens after the ticketing assignment, in other words ‘downstream’ – flows from the decision made at the time of assignment.


By making the user choose what specific service they are looking for – either through IVR input or any other self-service functionality, the business would not only keep the customer engaged but allow the bot to collect vital information to determine the best course of action for each specific ticket received by the contact center solution software.



How Call4Web’s contact center solutions empower the contact center?


  • Controlled Routing to Agents/ Operators

One of the biggest advantages of automated routing of tickets in a contact center is that it empowers the supervisor (administrator of the operation) to control the flow and the way the tickets are routed to the agents/ operators. There are several parameters that can be entered into the system for consideration, through which the filtration and routing can occur. The keywords entered by the customer is one such criterion, and so is the email used by the client in question. If the client is an existing business customer, then the routing software can easily place their ticket is a priority queue. The parameters are endless, which allows the business to make the best decision for its operation.


Automated ticketing assignment

Automated ticketing routing is an essential feature of Call4Web’s contact center solutions. And as the name suggests, it automates the ticketing procedure either to a specified campaign or even to a specific agent dependent on the customers’ requirements. What this does is that it removes the hassle from the operator to redirect the call themselves to the appropriate department depending on the ask made by the customer as the software automatically routes the ticket, significantly increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the time taken to resolve the customer query.

Automated ticketing assignment and the controlled routing feature empower the business administrator to improve customer satisfaction and ensure the emergence of strong business identity in the market.


Benefits of Skill Based Rules

Call4Web uses a highly powered classification mechanism that enables efficient and expedited ticketing routing procedure, but our contact center solution also ensures the ticket routing is accurate. Making use of the skill-based rules and set parameters that need to be set only once can seamlessly route the conversation to the appropriate agent/ operator suited to handle the customer’s query.


Here are some of the salient benefits of utilizing Call4Web contact center solutions.

  • Speed: One of the benefits of Call4Web contact center solutions that can be experienced by both the agent handling the conversation as well as the customer is the speed with which the automation occurs. The process of issue classification starts as soon as the customer enters the first query, ensuring immediate action by the ticketing software, resulting in a speedy resolution to the customer’s request.
  • Accuracy: Call4Web contact center solutions are extremely accurate in their ticketing automation. This software not only removes the possibility of human error by automating the ticketing handling but with an accuracy rate of 100 percent, it also ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • Improving efficiency: Since this whole process is completely automated, it relieves the agents from handling boring tasks like asking customers about the name, email address and queries, which a bot would obviously handle. This not only ensures the best use of an agent’s time, but it also empowers the agent with the relevant information about the customer and their query before they even initiate the conversation with the customer in question.
  • Scalability: A significant benefit that our contact center solutions have over the traditional call center solutions is their ability to scale up according to the demand of the business. This is an extremely vital feature as it allows business to easily scale up their operations in the future without needing to completely redo their contact center.


Improve your helpdesk operations


  • Rule Engine

A business must set appropriate rules for ticket action based on the time lapsed in any conversation in the case of an event occurrence.

  • Helpdesk Automation

Ensure that the agent’s time is utilized optimally by relieving them of the repetitive task of gathering info about the customer and their query by allowing the bot the gather such info beforehand.

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