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Following are the features that we offer


1 Whats app specially made for business purposes

We provide you with solutions that make your interactions easy and meaningful with your customers by providing you with tools that help you in generating automatic as well as quick replies to the questions and problems of your customers so that you can seamlessly manage the customer’s issues along will end to end encryptions that is will full privacy.


2 Google’s messages for business

Our google business messaging feature genuinely helps you in creating a positive brand image and getting an edge over your business competitors by improving your customer experience and reducing your costs in turn.


3 AI voice bot

You can seamlessly perform two way interactions by making use of our AI enabled conversational voice bot feature. The entire automatic conversation that you make with your customer is personalised as well as human-like. In other words, it is nothing but the future of customer service.


Drishti cloud interactive voice response

The interactive voice response that is hosted at Call4Web has many brilliant features. Our interactive voice response is very economical as well as value driven for incoming contact centers that are hosted over the internet. They are also used for routing the calls by the customers in an efficient way, which is nothing else but a necessity for the business.


Business advantages of Call4Web’s compass


1 Trustworthy enterprise grade security

We provide you with the best encryption of the industry in order to protect your data and also, ensuring that only the right people will have access to it.


2 Powerful technologies for changing the game

The next generation emerging technologies such as AI technology, the ML technology and the Big Data technology, and also, the services like ASR and NPL services, etc pioneer advanced ways of solving big and small problems as well.


3 Ideal quality with normal pricing

We at Call4Web provide you with a perfect combination consisting of cost, quality, and sustainability as well so that you are able to meet your overall requirements of communication because billing is tied to its actual usage as well.




4 Serve your customers across all the various channels 

Serve your customers with multichannel support, for all their requirements, whether they may be voice requirements, video requirements email requirements or also the requirements of chat or messaging as well.


5 Seamlessly integrate as well as customize

Increase or decrease your resources of information technology without any restrictions, in order to meet and satisfy the needs of your business, without any type of complications, confusions, and problems as well.


6 You require zero information technology infrastructure

With our edtech call center solution software at Call4Web, Eliminate your worries about the unwanted space that you should have in your premises in order to place those huge information technology infrastructure.


The platform at Call4Web is built for all, read the points listed below in order to know how..


  1. Keep paying as you keep going
  2. Secured with end to end encryption
  3. Interactive voice responses as well as dashboards
  4. Smart as well as automatic call routing systems
  5. Specific loggers for the channels
  6. Available all the time
  7. Minimum requirement of the infrastructure
  8. Prompts being personalized according to the requirement
  9. Seamless integration
  10. Customised flow of conversations


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