Cloud Contact Center

Take your business to new heights by gaining customer loyalty and improving customer experience with Call4web’s world-class cloud solution for call center.

With Call4web cloud contact center’s smart and effective call center, now transform calls into customer engagement opportunities and maximize customer reach with top-notch voice services.

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With software enable real-time voice, text, and video communications capabilities between agent browser and call server without worrying about compatibility and support for the call, video, or chat-based platforms. With Call4web’s Web-RTC features, transfer data in real-time with the customer support team without the need of special software for browser integration.

On-call Options

Improve the efficiency of the live agents and offer a quality response to every customer on the call with features such as hold, mute, transfer, and conference calls. Give a simplified and seamless customer experience across various channels with cloud contact center software that empowers personalized customer experience.

Call Disposition

Effortlessly cascade the information and details of every call to the entire team with cloud contact center configure call disposition options. Keep track of the call records of the important customers and easily understand the outcome of the calls in just a matter of a few seconds without digging through the customer’s contact history.

Auto Dialer

Get access to three types of dialer methods – Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, Predictive Dialer for improved and increased connect rates. Not only does it help the organization to preview the contacts, but it can improve the efficiency of the agents with the help of predictive dialling with cloud-based contact management.


Call4web software enables the agents to initiate the call instantly with a single click of a button or tap on the website or mobile app and eliminate the need for the manual dial. Nullify the chances of any error and save the live agent’s time by preventing the re-dialing of a contact multiple times.

Equip the agents with the right tools

Equip agents to handle all types of customer queries and calls with the best tools on a cloud-based contact center.

Lead Prioritization

With cloud contact center software; based on various parameters, sort and filter the customer data to attend the urgent queries first.

Knowledge Base

Equip the agents with the bank of information that can be used to resolve the queries quickly and satisfactorily for improved customer satisfaction levels.

Single View of Customer

Equip the agents with all the required information and customer interaction details at their fingertips to make a well-informed decision for handling the queries efficiently.

CRM Integration with various Connectors

Seamlessly integrate Call4web’s cloud contact center software with your business tool to ensure that all customer data is available in one interface.


Integrate Call4web cloud contact center with Zoho to build a strong connection with the customers by allowing the agents to have access to all the relevant details.


Synchronize Call4web cloud-based contact center software with Freshdesk to deliver a seamless and exceptional customer experience by equipping agents with all the right tools.


Equip the agents with updated information and allow them to quickly search for a customer service request by integrating with Zendesk.

Sugar CRM

Get all the relevant information and details of the customers at a single interface with Sugar CRM to ensure a delightful customer experience.
Product’s & Service’s

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Report, monitor, and manage easily with cloud-based contact center solutions

Easily assess the relevant contact center metrics to optimize strategies and rules to make much more informed decisions with Call4web cloud-based contact center solutions.

Peak-hour Control

No matter what the time is, with the unique peak-hour control feature of the Call4web cloud contact center, ensure that agents are available and ready to take calls even during the rush hours.

Voice Logger

Record all conversations and keep a report of all the inbound and outbound interactions between agents and customers to use for compliance, training, and improvement with the cloud-based contact center.

Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your team and agents using various metrics such as Schedule Adherence, Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution rate to work on any potholes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Make quicker and data-driven decisions by allowing managers and supervisors to monitor real-time conversations between customers and agents and provide a better customer experience.

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